Make your own Christmas shirt

Christmas shirt, You'll shoot your eye out shirt, A Christmas Story shirt, DIY Christmas shirt

Do you have access to a cutting machine?  If so, (even if it’s a friend that has one) you can make your own Christmas shirt in a few easy steps! I have to start by saying these ideas are plagiarized. I don’t mean I was “inspired by”, I mean I copied the idea entirely – […]

Home Office – Erasable Calendar

Plexiglass calendar, dry erase calendar, wall calendar, office calendar, DIY calendar

I’m in the throes of a home office makeover right now – searching for both form and function (aka. stylish, but still useful). One thing I can’t live without is a calendar.  I have at least three going at all times; one for the kids (usually paper hanging on my front door), one for the […]

Personalized Pet Food Container

I’m applying to be a Silhouette brand ambassador and one of the requirements was to come up with a tutorial (with photos) of a simple project of my choice. I was torn, do I do something so ‘out-there’ they can’t help but notice me (think papercut purse or tattoo template), or do I play it […]