Make your own soap display

Whizbang soap display craft show display, Dirty Girls Soaps

Thinking of selling your homemade soaps? You need these easy and inexpensive soap display racks to showcase them in all their scented goodness! I know this post is geared towards a more niche audience, but if you are avid crafter/DIYers (and I’m guessing you are or you wouldn’t follow 100Things2Do) then maybe you’ve delved into […]

I’m learning to make cold-press soap!

learning to make cold-press soap

When you go to craft shows, or fancy boutiquey stores, do you pine for the all natural ingredients and beautiful scents of artisanal soaps?  I do. I want to try them all! The best way to do that, I decided, is to learn to make cold-press soap myself! I watched some YouTube videos and read […]