Repurposed Dresser: Dresser, Toybox and Bookshelf in One!

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*This is a post I wrote in June 2013 – one of my earlier blog posts.  When I moved my site from Blogger to WordPress a lot of my Pinterest links broke, so I’m attempting to update older posts with a few new photos and create new links on Pinterest.  If you were with me […]

Coffee Table with Storage

Coffee table with storage, storage coffee table, toy box, blanket box, coffee table, rustic coffee table, farmhouse coffee table with storage

When the girls were younger (pre-iPad younger) we had toys everywhere. There wasn’t a surface that didn’t have something of theirs on it, and the house was in a constant state of ‘post-tornado’. My Dad was looking to get us a Christmas gift one year and I begged him to buy us a coffee table […]