Valentine’s for Couples (in a DIY top hat container)

DIY top hat container, Repurposed hot cocoa container

Repurpose a coffee or hot cocoa canister into an adorable top hat that you can fill with Christmas cookies, Easter treats or sexy Valentine’s gifts for couples. Okay Dad, stop reading right here. Seriously, you DON’T want to scroll any further….  (I know I’m 46 guys, but he’s still my Dad – I don’t want […]

DIY Candle Holders

DIY candle holders, rustic candle holders, DIY candle sticks, repurposed table legs

Make a gorgeous vignette of candle holders for next-to-nothing by repurposing old furniture legs.  Remember the coffee table I was working on the other day?  Well, project two of my repurposing/upcycling adventure was to take the legs from the table and make them into these beautiful, rustic candle holders. Did I mention that these were […]

Repurposed Plastic Jug

Plastic jug, repurposed plastic jug, upcycled plastic jug, water jug, what to do with plastic jugs

I trash-dove this morning. Okay not really into the trash and I didn’t really “dive” – more like I snuck a plastic jug from my friend’s recycling. After you see what I did with it, you’re going to go in search of recycling to pilfer as well. I’ll start with the need, so you know […]

Tire Project – treehouse seating

Tire project, repurposed tire, how to use an old tire, tire seating, how to paint a tire

I’m in phase III now of a treehouse makeover for the girls; I’ll show you phase I and II in another post, but today I wanted to show you our tire project from Hubby’s old snow tires. This idea stemmed from an image I’d seen from ItsyBits&Pieces: Isn’t this perfect for a teen/tween hangout? Unfortunately we […]