Strawberry Brownie Kebabs – an Easy Valentine’s Treat

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These strawberry brownie kebabs are an easy treat that you can whip out in minutes (especially if you buy two-bite brownies) to make for Valentine’s day at school. There’s not much to it really, you will need: large marshmallows two-bite brownies (or bake-your-own and cut them into 1″ bites) kebab skewers fresh strawberries – washed […]

Easy Meringue Poppers – Great classroom treat!

Easy meringue poppers, Jello meringue, flavoured meringue cookies, meringue poppers

My Mom makes meringues. She makes a LOT of meringues. Up until I made this recipe, I’d assumed that she adored meringues for the volume she turned out. Now I know that a little goes a looooooong way.  (No wonder she kept offering them to us!) This recipe – adapted from Kraft Canada uses 3/4 […]