Lingerie chest makeover

Lingerie dresser, painted lingerie dresser, small dresser, panty dresser, bra dresser

This is a tiny little dresser – about 18″ wide and only about 12″ deep.  I guess it would be called a lingerie dresser or lingerie chest? A “disaster dresser” to begin with. Look at the destroyed top! Missing knobs, chipped drawers – and what you can’t see inside, is that the drawer bottoms are […]

Pottery Barn Inspired Buoys

Pottery Barn Knock-off Wooden Buoys, DIY wooden buoys, coastal decor, PB inspired buoys

I love Pottery Barn. Everyone loves Pottery Barn right? But if you’re reading this (a DIY) blog, then you’re probably in the same boat as I am and don’t really want to pay Pottery Barn prices for projects that seem completely DIY-able. Like these decorative wooden buoys for instance: Whew!  They’re on sale right now. […]