A sick funny tradition on 100Things2Do, I’ve surfed Amazon for the funniest and best gag gift ideas of 2022!

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This Hay in a Needle Stack game is BETTER than a gag gift because it’s actually just the box.  Yes, it’s prank packaging that you can tuck any present you want inside!

When the laughing from the photos, copy (and bandaids) on the box subsides, your victim recipient will have a genuine present inside AND packaging to prank the next person on Santa’s naughty list!
Hay in a needle stack gift box - gag gift idea

Know a puzzle lover?  This prank packaging will definitely have them sweating!

Best gag gifts of 2022

Or do you know an expectant Mom or Dad?  This is the probably the last thing either of them want to “selfie” – but the look on their face when they open it will be worth capturing!

Best gag gifts of 2022, Hay in a needle stack

How about something for your recipient’s desk?  Like maybe… a screaming goat?

Give it a little press and it SCREAMS.  You might want to give it to a co-worker that DOESN’T sit too close.

Screaming goat figurine and book

This book is literally just animals silently judging you – nothing more to be said about that.

this book is literally just pictures of animals silently judging you

These are gag gifts that you could give to yourself and leave them out – the reactions would be SO FUNNY to film!

Best gag gifts of 2022, funny book covers

These are actually blank notebooks (so not a manual at all), but with these covers they are definitely one of the best gag gifts of 2022!

As someone not particularly good at math, I would have bought this hoping it was “Coles Notes”. lol

Best gag gifts of 2022, funny book covers

Know someone that is always cold?  How about gifting them some Hooter heaters?

Best gag gifts of 2022, Hooter heaters

I will fully admit to having a twisted fantastic sense of humour.  While these socks may cause a #MeToo scene at work, they would certainly be hilarious at a holiday party.  I’m pretty sure this would cause more than a second glance…  even moreso if a woman was wearing them!

Best gag gifts of 2022, penis socks

This next book is NOT a blank notebook inside – it’s an actual book that had to make my best gag gifts of 2022 list for the title alone:

Best gag gifts of 2022, Why are my nuts in the toilet water

Everyone has a favourite mug right?  Forget “World’s Best Dad/Mom” and give someone one that really speaks… to everyone.

Best gag gifts of 2022

You know, in compiling this list of the best gag gifts of 2022, I researched both Amazon Canada and Amazon US.  It became abundantly clear that Canadians have a dirtier sense of humour than our US neighbours.  I can only imagine what I’d come up with if I surfed Amazon UK – you buggers are filthy! 🥰

Ok, I’ll tone it down a bit… here I’m going from dirty, to just plain mean.  You’ve seen the videos where the recipient is surprised to open a box and a spider automatically jumps out?

Yes, you need one. 

best gag gifts of 2022, spider box

Tell your co-workers, or teenagers, that you have new appliances then attach one of these stickers and let them go.

best gag gifts of 2022

While we generally think of adults when gifting pranks, this game for kids had to make my best gag gifts of 2022 (it’s a real game!) 😂

Best gag gifts of 2022, gag gift for kids

How about keeping the kids occupied for hours minutes?  

gag gifts for kids

Okay, enough with the kids –  they get plenty at Christmas.  I’ll close out my Best gag gifts of 2022 with this confidence booster…

Thinking of entering the dating world?  Want to impress your wife? (Two separate thoughts, do not combine lol) How about giving your Lothario some help?

This ruler reads 12″, but is really only 9″ long – giving everyone a 3″ chance. 

best gag gifts of 2022, dick pic stick


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Best gag gifts of 2022

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