Got dogs? Got big ones? Got more than one big one?  Today I’m sharing free building plans and cut list for a BIG dog crate that will easily house 3 large dogs.  Cut layout and DIY costs included!

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your canine companions seem to multiply overnight?

Perhaps you started with one gorgeous sheepdog, then fostered for awhile and ended up adopting a frenchie cross?  Maybe you kept fostering and then another perfect sheepie came along?  This is all hypothetical of course.  No one is crazy enough to adopt two extra dogs in a 3 month period right?

Yes, welcome to my crazy.

If you are an avid animal-lover like me then fear not, because I recently came up with the ultimate dog crate for my ever-expanding pack of furry friends. 

My foster (now family) dogs were puppy mill Mamas – used to being crated in small spaces.  When it was bedtime, or if they were napping in the day, they went looking for a corner to cuddle up in for security and comfort.

Bentley’s large breed dog crate was awesome, and Bentley loved it, but now three dogs were bickering over who got the reassuring shelter.

So, armed with determination and a smattering of woodworking skills, I set out to build the mother of all dog crates. I’m talking about a structure so massive, it could double as a small village for canines. I wanted something that could comfortably accommodate my furry family to bring each of them shelter and comfort. A BIG dog crate, that could easily house three large dogs comfortably.

You will note that I did not include bars or a way of containing the dogs.  This is strictly for comfort and not for containing the dogs.

Step one: Measure for dog beds.  

A great place to buy dog beds is at auction.  I picked up two extra 28″x36″ large breed dog beds for about $12 each.  They don’t match, which really only bugs me, but they are soft, washable and in perfect (new) condition.  Plus, you really can’t beat that price anywhere.

Step two: Get your wood

I’ve laid out the cuts you’ll need to make to minimize waste.  These plans will build a finished big dog crate at 8′ long by 38″ high.  I went with these measurements because it is low enough to tuck behind my sofa, long enough to fit three 28″x36″ dog beds, AND still give me an extra 9″ of space for storage shelves.  (I have a heating vent under that last 9″ that I didn’t want to block.)

If you have less than 3 dogs, then simply eliminate one of the dividers.

Big Dog crate / Triple Dog Crate Cut List:

Cut list for 1/2" plywood

(2) sheets of ¾” plywood

2 sheets of 3/4" plywood

sheet 2 of 3/4" plywood


The last sheet of plywood can be ½” or ¾” – but you only need to purchase a 4’x4′ sheet and not a full 4×8.  

Step three: Prepare your pieces

Using a track saw, or with help from your local home improvement store, make the cuts as indicated in the drawings above.

Once you have all of your pieces cut and labelled, get out your *pocket hole jig and get to drilling.  

*This post contains affiliate links to the items/tools I used for this build.  For full Amazon affiliate disclosure, please see bottom of the page.

drill pocket holes to create the walls of your dog crate


You will drill pocket holes:

assembling the pieces for the crate dividers

Once your dividers have been assembled using wood glue and 1 ¼” pocket screws, sand them to 150 grit for nice smooth edges and seams and set them aside.  (These link to pocket screws that are MUCH cheaper than Kreg)

assembled dividers for a triple dog crate

Step 4: Sand, stain and seal

I know you’re eager to get this big boy assembled and your dogs tucked into their new condo, but sanding, staining and sealing your big dog crate / triple dog crate now is SO MUCH EASIER than after it is assembled.

I went with my usual stain – mainly because I bought a gallon to do my dining room floors and I have a ridiculous amount leftover.  My favourite sealer is Varathane Triple-thick; more expensive, but half the work.  You’ll want to apply a coat after your stain has dried (give it a full 24 hours), then once the triple-thick is dry, sand with 320 grit and seal it again.  This will give you plenty of washable protection.

stained dog crate dividers


Step 5: Assembling your big dog crate

building plans for a big dog crate, building plans for a triple dog crate

I started with the dividers/walls and a 28″ piece of scrap wood to use as a spacer.

Attach the outside (nice side out) divider to the outer edge of your backer using 1 ¼” pocket screws.  Use your spacer and check for square before attaching the next divider 28″ over.  Repeat for the third divider and the shelf wall.

assembling your big dog crate

Attach your 96″ front piece to the lower section of your triple dog crate using the spacer and the pocket holes on the lower section of your dividers.

attaching the trim to your dog crate

Before attaching the upper front piece to your big dog crate, you’ll want to attach your shelves.  These can be space however you like to hold dog treats, canned food, grooming supplies etc.

Drill pocket holes every 6″ into one long edge of your shelf boards and one short edge of your shelf boards – an “L” (see below). If your shelves will line up with either the top or bottom of your front pieces, then drill another 2 pocket holes along the other short edge.

Tip your big dog crate on it’s back for ease of attaching the shelves.

For my triple dog crate, I knew it would be covering a heating vent in my kitchen, so I raised the lowest shelf to give the vent space to… well vent.

My upper shelf I use to hold my router as well as cat food and dog treat jars, so I lowered it so that the bottom was flush with the lower edge of my front piece.  Attach your shelves with the appropriate length pocket screws; 1 ¼” if drilling into ¾” ply, and 1″ if drilling into ½” ply.

attach shelves to your dog crate

Tip your kennel back up and it should look like this!  Aren’t you glad you stained and sealed beforehand?

big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

All that’s left is to attach the top!

Use 1 ¼” pocket screws and drill up into the top using the pre-drilled holes on each of your dividers.

big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

Edge banding would take this to the next level, but my dogs don’t care and I would rather put the extra few bucks into stuff for the dogs, than making the triple crate even more beautiful. 

A perfect fit for all of the dog beds, plenty of ventilation, but also the comfort of a nest for my more timid fur-babies.

big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

I did not add a floor to this big dog crate for two reasons: 1. it’s another $100 in plywood and 2. I have tile floors that I can easily slide the crate in and out of the way to mop under when needed.

My heating vent isn’t blocked, wires are tucked away from chewers, treats are easily accessible and the other items I need stored are at-hand.

Yes, I show off my canned dog food – it’s not aesthetically pleasing, but if you have dogs you know that two months of dog food costs more than a couch!  I’m showing that shit off!  Look at me!  I’m dog-food-rich! 

big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

Cat food is kept out of reach and all of my feeding areas are in one spot (so the mess is kinda/sorta contained).

big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

Do they like it?

Bella, our most recent family member is in there all the time!  I think it just helps her feel more secure.  Look at my princess with her proper manners of legs crossed!  Man I love this dog!

big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

Stella sleeps in the big dog crate at night – she’s too much of a busy-body to stay still during the day. lol

Bentley will go in for his bedtime snacks, but he seems to prefer the cool floors over a dog bed.  Maybe I’ll take the third bed out and see if he uses it more?

big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

Please forgive the dirt.  This Winter/Spring rain makes it impossible to keep mud-bugs clean, much less anything they touch.

big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

So there you have it, folks. The epic tale of how one slightly crazed dog lover built a giant crate for her ever-growing pack of pooches. Was it a ridiculous endeavor? Absolutely. But would I do it all over again? You bet your chewed-up sneakers I would. After all, when it comes to spoiling our furry friends, there’s no such thing as going too far.

Cost breakdown

TOTAL:  ~$343 CDN

I tried to calculate roughly how much I used and how much I have leftover for other projects to give you a more accurate cost.

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big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate



big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

Have a great one!