I have to show you the little section of the house where I sit and blog:

It’s a corner of my bedroom and yes, most days it looks like this (I’m embarrassed to admit).

Part of my problem, besides stockpiling snacks everywhere, is paper. I have books, course manuals, receipts, and a million notes that get shoved here and there and create this disaster. (See how I blamed the receipts, like they were alive. Lol)

I also have a terrible slouching habit, which I’ll blame on my monitor being too low and my poor eyesight. It all makes sense now why some of my friends decided to look into sites like www.bestgamingchair.com to find out if investing in a gaming chair would be worth it to improve posture. They said it has made a big difference so far, so I might consider it soon enough. (Nothing is my fault, it’s all external to my brain). I have decided to not sit down for as long as I am at the moment as well as stop by bad posture. This is all because I have read that sitting for too long and having a bad posture can increase the risk of your body developing conditions like heart disease, colon cancer and an overactive bladder that will require you to go to Advanced Urology (https://www.advancedurology.com/) in order to find a way to stop the condition. At the moment I have been sitting down for fewer things and now, thanks to my stand, my posture is improving too.

I decided I needed something to help corral all the paperwork and lift my monitor and so I came up with these plans based on some different monitor stands available for sale.

Why buy when you can make right?!

I’m 5’8″, so my plans raise my monitor off of my desktop to be eye-level when I’m sitting with proper posture – up 6 3/4″.

DIY monitor stand, monitor stand, desk organization

I’ve incorporated a shelf into my monitor stand to hold papers, notepads and course manuals. I also upped the ante by creating cups along the side to house pens, pencils, and USB cords (you can see in photo 1 that I have a few dangling).

My DIY monitor stand is made with scrap bits of 3/4″ mdf all cut to 8″ deep.

DIY monitor stand, monitor stand, desk organization

I attached the top and shelf with 1 1/4″ course pocket hole screws.

My prototype looks a bit rough;

DIY monitor stand, monitor stand, desk organization

Nothing a bit of wood filler can’t hide.

The centre of the shelf section and the walls in the pen cup area are all glued in place and then reinforced with 1 1/4″ finishing nails.

Once your glue and/or wood filler is dry, sand it smooth and prime with an oil-based primer (mdf is very absorbent, using a latex primer will mean you have to do a couple/few coats to get the same, smooth finish).

A couple of coats of Rust-Oleum® Canada Chalked paint in linen white, sanding between coats, and a layer of finishing wax and you are ready to put your DIY monitor stand to work!

DIY monitor stand, monitor stand, desk organization

In hindsight, pocket holes might not have been the best bet on a mirrored desk. Lol

But look how clean and crisp this looks – with its cute blue cubbies.

DIY monitor stand, monitor stand, desk organization

I’m able to leave my USB cords plugged into the back of the computer, but tuck them neatly away (and out of temptation for my cord-eating cat).

DIY monitor stand, monitor stand, desk organization

My course manuals, notepads and papers are neat and organized without being spread across the desk surface.

DIY monitor stand, monitor stand, desk organization

The mouse and keyboard slide underneath with room to spare so you don’t knock your knuckles.

This easy (scrapwood) DIY monitor stand has just created vertical space for storage, saved my posture from hunchback status and organized my workspace to be efficient and easy to find things. If you’re not so good at DIY projects and you don’t mind spending the money, you could look at monitor arms by visiting teknionstore.com, the monitor position can be adaptable when and as you want it, while also freeing up your whole desk underneath for storage and important items.

DIY monitor stand, monitor stand, desk organization

Whip out a DIY monitor stand in 20 minutes (not including dry time) and get your desk, and brain, organized.

DIY monitor stand, monitor stand, desk organization

Have a great one!

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