I follow a few amazing bloggers; people that inspire me every time they put a post up on their blogs.  I truly look forward to getting my e-mails letting me know another article has gone live so that I can drool over their creativity and talent.  One of my favourites is Craftberry Bush.  Lucy has such incredible style and humility that you can’t help but love her immediately.  To top it off, she is also one of the most creative bloggers I have found (and it doesn’t hurt that’s she’s Canadian to boot!).  Today’s post stemmed from, and is an evolution of, one of her ideas;

Creating custom candles.

Craftberry Bush - Custom Candles

Her article shows how to take your candles – in all shapes, colours and sizes – and make them look like expensive custom candles that will go with any decor.  Brilliant!


Her solution is to spray paint the glass jars then add her printable label (free printable on her blog) to the outside.

Like it, but don’t love it.

Printable candle wraps - for a custom (high-end) look

After all, if I paint over the glass containers, how will I ever be able to do any of those Pinterest crafts I’ve been storing up to use when my candles are done?  You sort of resign yourself to throwing the glass jars out and then spray painting the next batch.

There’s gotta be a better way to get this gorgeous look, without damaging the jars…

I got it!

Candle wraps!

I started with a whitewashed plank background and then added in a few “spa-like” words to decorate.

Printable candle wraps - for a custom (high-end) look

Candle Wraps

I printed my labels off on 11 x 17″ paper and my wraps were more than large enough to wrap around the 3.5″ Bath & Bodyworks candles.  If you print them on smaller paper, your wraps will fit smaller containers.  If you have larger candles, you can still work with the 11 x 17″ paper, but you might need to print a second sheet and use the plank side to fill in any gaps when you wrap it.

*note: please only wrap glass jar candles, it might seem obvious to most of us, but you never know who might try to wrap plain candles and then scratch their head when their house catches fire.

I even created a Valentine’s one;

Valentine / Wedding candle wraps - for a custom (high-end) look

No, I didn’t calculate out the days between our wedding and Valentine’s Day – there is calculator online that will do it for you here – but no one but you and I need to know that.  The candle wrap on the right is blank so that you can input your number.  (What a GREAT idea for weddings right?!)

I’ll admit, I was tempted to put a second line of text that read “minus xxx days that you made me crazy”, but I thought it might take away from the romance. lol

All you have to do is cut your candle wraps to the height of your jar/s, wrap and then stick in place!

Candle wraps - 3

So chic.

No more orange, blue, white, green candles – instead I have ones coordinated to each other (and my decor) and they look like I’ve purchased them through a specialty store.

Candle wraps - 5

I had to take another Valentine’s shot – and I got playing with the focus of the background in an attempt to make it look extra poetic.

Candle wraps - 6

The best part, you can turn the candles around and there is more than enough wrap with just the planks that you can leave them out without any wording showing at all (on 2/3’s of the jar anyways).

Candle wraps - 8

SOOOO much better than the Bath & Bodyworks images.

Candle wraps - 9

When your candle is done, you can simply slip the sleeve off of the jar and slide it on to the next one.

Candle wraps - 11

Thank you for the inspiration Lucy!

Candle wraps - 12

Click the images above for the free printable candle wraps, or use these links:

Printable candle wraps - for a high-end decor look

Have a great one!

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