Make your own Christmas candles

Make your own Christmas candles

So many home decor stores are flouting these gorgeous, shaped, pillar candles for the Holidays.  Did you know you can make your own Christmas candles for less than 1/10th the price?  This adorable tree came it at less than $1! Good morning everyone! I have a fun and easy project for you today, with lots […]

Make your own soap display

Whizbang soap display craft show display, Dirty Girls Soaps

Thinking of selling your homemade soaps? You need these easy and inexpensive soap display racks to showcase them in all their scented goodness! I know this post is geared towards a more niche audience, but if you are avid crafter/DIYers (and I’m guessing you are or you wouldn’t follow 100Things2Do) then maybe you’ve delved into […]

I’m learning to make cold-press soap!

learning to make cold-press soap

When you go to craft shows, or fancy boutiquey stores, do you pine for the all natural ingredients and beautiful scents of artisanal soaps?  I do. I want to try them all! The best way to do that, I decided, is to learn to make cold-press soap myself! I watched some YouTube videos and read […]

Dollar store Easter wreath

dollar store Easter wreath

If you could whip out an easy, cheerful, bright and full Easter wreath for less than $20 and in about an hour wouldn’t you try?  Then you’re definitely going to be all over this dollar store Easter wreath I made a few years ago. Dollar stores are chock-full of Easter bits and bobs now, so […]

KitKat candy sleigh

KitKat candy sleigh, candy sleigh, KitKat sleigh

Use as stocking stuffers, gift toppers, tree ornaments, or treats for neighbours and friends – these inexpensive KitKat Candy sleighs are easy, adorable, and a sweet treat for anyone. The girls and I hit the Dollarama the other day to get a few Christmas supplies… ornaments to paint, fairy lights, some simple garland and (of course) […]

Simple pinecone ornaments

Pinecone ornaments

Simple pinecone ornaments – don’t buy new when all you need is a slight update to the old! Last weekend I put up the main Christmas tree in the house – my beautiful 9′ Hayden Pine that I bought myself as a Christmas gift last year. He is so beautiful all on his own, but […]

House pen holder / house planter

house pen holder, diy pen holder, house pencil holder, house shaped planter, house planter

 A simple and fun project today – these little house pen holders / house planters are made up of 5 pieces of scrap wood and a bit of glue.  You can whip them up in minutes and create adorable decor for your office, shelves and/or window sills. I cut a couple of these house pen […]