Monogrammed Door Mat

I have another simple project for you today – a monogrammed door mat that you can make in minutes!

I picked up a 24″ x 36″ natural coir door mat from Amazon the other week, with plans to personalize it to look a little more like the $100+ monogrammed door mat from FrontGate.

Welcome mat, DIY welcome mat, coir mat, monogrammed welcome mat, front door mat

As you can see, it’s pretty plain […]

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DIY Napkins – with flamingo flare!

Are you ready for summer?  I. AM. SO. READY!

In my part of Canada the weather in April fluctuated from snow and freezing rain to a balmy 25° C (77° F) – so we really haven’t had Spring at all.  More like Win-ummer and the sudden change has left me pining for patio time.

With my flamingos.

Last summer I found the cutest little appetizer plates with flamingos on them and they went perfectly with my patio makeover.  This year, I decided […]

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Scrap wood projects – Owls

I must be the Queen of scrap wood projects.  I don’t even know how I accumulate so much scrap wood, other than the fact that I hate to throw anything into the landfill – even if it is a 6″ scrap of 2″ x 2″.  For today’s simple scrap wood project I dug through my pile and came out with two bits of 4″ x 4″ pressure treated post – just perfect for making scrap wood owls!

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Felt Flowers

I was surfing Instagram the other day and I came across a photo from @GoldenAfterNoonShop – a fabric florist shop that sells felt flower bouquets, wreaths, planters etc.

Her work is gorgeous, so if you aren’t a DIYer, you should really order from her.

I’m a DIYer.  I always want to try the things I see online to see if I can make some version of it myself, and felt flowers didn’t seem like they would be all that difficult a […]

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DIY Round tray from a concrete form

Hey 100T2D readers!  I’ve got a GREAT project for you today, and a sneak peek at another great project that I’m showcasing over on House of Wood later this week:  I figured out how to make a DIY round tray from a concrete form!!!

I’m so excited because I’ve racked my brain for months to figure out how to build/make a round tray without wasting a lot of wood, involving a router or creating pretty elaborate jig – and today […]

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Repurposed Lightbulb to Twine Pear

These repurposed lightbulb twine pears are actually from a post I wrote back in 2013.  The article itself was one of my earlier blog posts with no keywords or SEO, so I doubt anyone except my parents have ever seen it.  To that end, I decided it was worth revisiting – especially given that these non-coil lightbulbs are quickly becoming extinct.

I’m using a black-light bulb in these photos, because that’s what was available at the dollar store, but clear glass […]

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Clean and Simple Cards

It’s been ages since I’ve done any paper-crafting on the blog – which means I have been a TERRIBLE friend and have missed sending a LOT of birthday cards these past few months.  In an effort to start 2018 off properly, and do a better job of remembering important moments and friends, I decided to create a few clean and simple cards (CAS) yesterday to get a jump on those January birthdays.

If you haven’t made cards before, it’s a very […]

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Magnetic Advent Calendar

I’ve had a few big projects lately (one you’ve still to see) and I’m feeling like I need a little bit more ‘simple’ in my life.  Today’s magnetic advent calendar is just that – simple.

I’ve had these metal sheets from M-D Building Products since the Haven Conference last July.  I didn’t know what to do with them, but I didn’t want to throw them out “just in case” an idea suddenly popped up.

sheet metal, [...]
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Scandinavian Star

At least that’s what I think these star lanterns are called?

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You’ve seen them, they are usually made of white paper with a light inside and are hung in the windows over Christmas.  I’ve seen them called Scandinavian stars and Swedish stars and I LOVE them.

So I decided to make myself one.

But paper is so “been there, done that” whereas metal Scandinavian stars is so “WOWZA, I have to try that!”

So I […]

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Dipped Pinecones

I had so many problems with these dipped pinecones – which were supposed to be bleached pinecones when I started – but in the end, I’m pleased with the results.

It started because I have a pine tree in my backyard that is pissed at me for pruning off branches.  He’s showing his protest by making sure to drip sap everywhere and by dropping more pinecones than ever before.

That tree is on my last nerve I tell you.  My poor Lacey […]

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My New Purse!!

I don’t show a lot of fashion or “girly” things on this blog – not because I don’t like them; my Pinterest boards are full of cute outfits that I wish I wore, but more because this is a DIY and family blog and after doing DIY and taking care of my family there isn’t a lot of time or energy left for hair and makeup.

BUT – I did DIY the cutest purse EVER!

If you have drills in your DIY […]

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(Faux) Metal sign

Are you a Joanna Gaines fan?

I’m not really country or farmhouse chic – but there’s something about her style that appeals even to me.  Maybe it’s the warm and welcoming feel.  Maybe it’s the metal sign she hangs in every house.

Smooth lead-in right?  (not entirely cohesive, but I got the “metal sign” in there lol.)

Houseful of Handmade made a gorgeous hammered metal sign that looked so much like the real thing I had to give it a try myself…. […]

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Best Dog Ever! (a DIY photo frame)

I have the best dog ever.

Actually, I’ve always had the best dog(s) ever – every single one of them – I’m using “Best” as a class, not a singular achievement.

I mean, don’t we all have the best dog ever?

Time to celebrate it – and use up a bit of scrap wood in the process.

This DIY photo frame is so simple to make – you’ll want to decorate everywhere with them!  All I did was cut a couple of scrap pieces […]

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Back-to-School treat bag tags

Today’s post is just a quickie, but it came about because a friend stopped by the other day to ask if I could set up a word document for her to create foldable labels for some back-to-school treats she wanted to give to her class.

I figured if I was making treat bag tags anyways, I might as well share the template in case you want to create your own for your little back-to-schoolers.

Back-to-school treats, [...]
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Finishing up the Playground – Outdoor Art

Do you ever sit in your yard, front or back, and think “I wish I could add some colour”?

But the idea of painting your fence seems too daunting, permanent and possibly expensive?

My backyard playground updates included colour for the structure itself, but nothing for the fence for those exact reasons.

Outdoor art, outdoor decor, fence art, outdoor canvas, stencil art, playground upgrades

I didn’t want to commit to painting the entire fence and […]

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Using Rit Dye to get the Pottery Barn Look

Ever notice how everything Pottery Barn is gorgeous?  Furniture, linens, accessories – I’m pretty sure they could sell luxury toilet paper with their styling and photography.

Unfortunately I, like many, don’t have a Pottery Barn budget and while I do have this bedding set:

Pottery Barn, Makenna Paisley duvet set Click image to be taken to

It was a decadent splurge that did not leave room for the extra accessories that make […]

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