KitKat candy sleigh

Use as stocking stuffers, gift toppers, tree ornaments, or treats for neighbours and friends – these inexpensive KitKat Candy sleighs are easy, adorable, and a sweet treat for anyone.

The girls and I hit the Dollarama the other day to get a few Christmas supplies… ornaments to paint, fairy lights, some simple garland and (of course) candy.

Does anyone go to the Dollar store and not buy candy?


This time, there was a method to my sugar frenzy – I wanted to make KitKat […]

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Simple pinecone ornaments

Simple pinecone ornaments – don’t buy new when all you need is a slight update to the old!

Last weekend I put up the main Christmas tree in the house – my beautiful 9′ Hayden Pine that I bought myself as a Christmas gift last year.

He is so beautiful all on his own, but you know I change up my Christmas tree ornaments and colours each year.  I mean, what kind of a blogger would I be if I just […]

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House pen holder / house planter

 A simple and fun project today – these little house pen holders / house planters are made up of 5 pieces of scrap wood and a bit of glue.  You can whip them up in minutes and create adorable decor for your office, shelves and/or window sills.

I cut a couple of these house pen holders for my friend Char before Christmas.  She wanted to give her Dad something for his desk at work so that he’d think of her while […]

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Easy Macrame Ornaments – with video tutorials

You don’t have to know macrame, or have any special tools to make these easy macrame ornaments.  Great for homemade ornaments on your tree, or as gift toppers for those you are giving gifts to.

I’ve been saving macrame ornaments on my Pinterest boards lately and some of the creators are just unbelievable.  I thought macrame was just a series of knots and spaces and if you lucked out at all you’d come up with a pretty wall-hanging or plant hanger.

Not […]

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Vern the Fern

A simple Hallowe’en craft for you and the kids – add eyeballs to your plants and create your own “Vern the fern”! 

I feel like I’ve shared this before, but since I can’t find it, I’m sharing it again….

Looking for an easy way to “Hallowe’en” up your house – yup – used it as a verb there. 😂

All you need is whatever is left of your summer plants, a dowel or piece of rigid wire, 2 ping pong balls and dollar […]

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Cornhole trophy

Celebrate any victory with a simple dollar store award – like this cornhole trophy I made for a friend.

Popping in with a quick post today.  So quick in fact, that I didn’t even think to take progress photos to show you how I made it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Regardless, it turned out pretty cute and took no time to make, so I thought I’d share the finished photos so you can replicate it.

My friend wanted a cornhole trophy and asked if I could […]

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Make your own wood Canadian flag

With Canada Day around the corner, now is a great time to use up scrap bits and make a wood Canadian flag to decorate inside or outside your home. 

There were a lot of likes and comments on my scrap wood mosaic post the other day (thank you so much!), one of which suggested that I use the same technique and make a wood Canadian flag sign.

I have made a wooden Canadian flag in the […]

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