Make your own wood Canadian flag

With Canada Day around the corner, now is a great time to use up scrap bits and make a wood Canadian flag to decorate inside or outside your home. 

There were a lot of likes and comments on my scrap wood mosaic post the other day (thank you so much!), one of which suggested that I use the same technique and make a wood Canadian flag sign.

I have made a wooden Canadian flag in the […]

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Wood art – scrap wood mosaic

This wood mosaic was made up of scrap wood pieces – all less than 5″ in length! If you’ve got bits of wood, you’ve got wood art.

This project my friends is a GREAT way to use up scrap bits of wood.

We’re talking teeny, tiny bits that you’ve held on to in the hopes that someday you *might need a 4″ piece of wood for something. 

Not you?  Yes, I have a problem 😂

I have been dying to try a wood […]

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Egg candles

There’s still time! A few eggs, some bees wax and a few wicks are all you need to make your own Easter egg candles!

I’m scrambling to write this because Easter is this weekend and I only just tried this out on Monday.  I had no idea if it would work or not (as with most of my projects) but I saw these egg candles and I wanted some (as with most of my projects).

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Making candles out of Grandma’s teacups

Today I’m showing how I took my Grandmother’s teacup collection and turned them into teacup candles to display – instead of tucking them away in a cabinet to be forgotten.

I have my Grandmother’s fine bone china teacup collection.

They are beautiful and the fact that my Grandpa bought one for her whenever he could makes them even more special.  Problem is that they sit tucked away in a cupboard.  They don’t “go” with anything in my house, my Dad and brother […]

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Red berry wreath

Make your own vibrant red Christmas berry wreath with a styrofoam form, a bit of ribbon, a few berry branches and some hot glue.

(This article was originally posted in November 2013, but the links back to it are sketchy at best.  Because it’s one of my favourite Christmas projects, I decided it was worth reposting again.  Photos were also from 2013, so please forgive the graininess.)

I love this Christmas berry wreath.

I mean, […]

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Scrap wood Frankenstein, ghost and Purple People Eater

There’s still time!  Forget pumpkin carving and make these adorable Hallowe’en characters out of scrap wood and leftover paint!

I need to do more small projects.

I love big projects – the challenge, the results etc – but they are big and take a lot of time (this blog is my second job AND I’m a single Mom)… so big projects mean less content is posted on the blog because I’m working on building.

This little project was a super-easy, scrap wood craft […]

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Face Mask Storage Rack

Looking for a way to organize face masks for easy grab-and-go, or home-and-remove?  Today I’m showing a simple mask storage rack you can make using dollar store items!

Good morning, good morning!!

I’m in a GREAT mood today – which is actually quite contrary to my cranky week.

Maybe it’s the Fall weather, maybe it’s that my window box over my garage is looking so spectacular (I think anyways) or maybe it’s because I’ve (finally) finished SO MANY outstanding projects that a weight […]

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