Simple pinecone ornaments – don’t buy new when all you need is a slight update to the old!

Last weekend I put up the main Christmas tree in the house – my beautiful 9′ Hayden Pine that I bought myself as a Christmas gift last year.

He is so beautiful all on his own, but you know I change up my Christmas tree ornaments and colours each year.  I mean, what kind of a blogger would I be if I just showcased the same ‘ole, same ‘ole each year?

This year I wanted to go with browns and natural elements to go for an almost ‘Winter cabin’ feel.

Not sure I nailed it yet; it’s still a work in progress.

Now before you go thinking “This chick must be loaded to be able to afford new Christmas decor each year!”  I’ll fess up and say – “Not so”.  The method to my madness is to reuse ornaments from previous years, and/or make my own additions to get the look I want.

With natural being my theme, pinecones are a must.

making pinecone ornaments with hot glue, hooks and ribbon

You’re looking at pinecones I already had, ornament hooks I already had, and some beige velvet ribbon that I picked up on Amazon (available in 19 colours).

I twisted the bottom of the ornament hooks into a snail-shell-pattern and then bent the swirled bit 90° from the stem portion.

creating hooks for pinecone ornaments

Add a dot of hot glue to the bottom of your pinecone ornament and then press your hook in place.

Pinecone ornaments

For a bit of extra strength, I pressed a small piece of fabric into the hot glue.

Pinecone ornaments

Once the glue is dry, tie a bow with your velvet ribbon.

Pinecone ornaments

You probably didn’t need a tutorial for that…

but I liked how they turned out, so I decided to share.  Maybe you were looking for an idea on how to hang them, or where to buy ribbon?

I would suggest, if you are using large pinecones, that you go with a wide silk/satin ribbon instead of the felt.  You could tie a larger bow on your simple pinecone ornaments and you’d have a beautiful draping effect.

Pinecone ornaments

Pinecone ornaments

So simple, so pretty and my only expense was a bit of ribbon.

brown Christmas tree

You can change out the ribbon bows next year with a different colour to match a different colour scheme!

simple pinecone ornaments

Not done yet, I’ve been working on a few other ornaments that I’ll share over the next few days.

Have a great one!