Plywood coasters

Plywood coasters, scrap wood coasters

Using scrap bits of ¾” ply I was able to whip up these gorgeous plywood coasters (that you’d never guess were just scrap ply). As with everything I do, I learn something new and then hope to pass along any tips and tricks I’ve figured out along the way. Today is no different. Today I’m […]

Throw pillow storage

throw pillow storage, throw pillow covers

A simple, and free, solution to throw pillow storage and organization – recycled Amazon boxes! Hi, my name is Shelly and I am a throw pillow addict. Throw pillow covers to be exact. I’ve managed to staunch the need to buy every single throw pillow I see, but have instead turned to hoarding throw pillow […]

Make ceramic-look vases from dollar store glass

ceramic vase, DIY pottery vase, DIY ceramic vase, ceramic vase from dollar store glass

Love the look of ceramic decor but hate the price tag that goes with them?  With a few dollar store vases, a bit of spray primer and some drywall compound, you can turn anything into designer home decor for a fraction of the price. I have been looking for vases or ceramic pieces in varying […]

Wall-height wine rack / wine display

DIY wine rack, wall-height wine rack, tall wine rack, wine display

Are you a wine lover?  Do you have a collection of bottles that are too pretty to hide away in a cupboard?  This wall-height wine rack / wine display is an easy build using 2×2’s and will showcase 18 bottles. Good morning everyone!  Hope you are snuggled in with a hot tea/coffee/cocoa enjoying this last […]

Christmas home tour 2021

Christmas home tour 2021

A glimpse into our family’s Christmas with this Holiday home tour 2021 Happy Sunday everyone!  Stopping in today with a sort of photo essay – because what can I say beyond “Christmas Home Tour 2021”?   Welcome to our home… I’ll start in the dining room with the navy and gold flocked tree: I know […]

My Christmas front porch 2021

Christmas 2021, Christmas front porch, porch decorated for Christmas

A more minimal Christmas front porch this year, but still warm, welcoming and something that will last all winter long. Popping in this morning to show off my simple, understated Christmas front porch. My goal this Holiday season was to come up with something small and unassuming that would last the entire winter long. (ie […]

Adding pre-fabricated cabinets to organize your home office

office cabinets, pre-fab office cabinets, office organization

Adding pre-fabricated cabinets to organize your home office brings in form, function, organization and a clean, crisp aesthetic. I can’t take credit for this post, although I will (braggingly) say that this build was inspired by my home office built-ins!  (I love when readers try my ideas!) In this case the reader is my Step-Dad, […]