A simple, and free, solution to throw pillow storage and organization – recycled Amazon boxes!

Hi, my name is Shelly and I am a throw pillow addict.

Throw pillow covers to be exact.

I’ve managed to staunch the need to buy every single throw pillow I see, but have instead turned to hoarding throw pillow covers for the existing throw pillows I have.

I lesser evil financially, but one that still takes up too much space.

I was putting away the last of my Christmas decor today and I decided I’d share with you how I store my throw pillows:

throw pillow storage

That’s how I USED to store them – back when I only had 15 or so.

My collection has exploded and I now have roughly 20 – 25 in play in different rooms of the house at any given time, PLUS another 20 or so in storage for “seasonal decor”.

My throw pillows have moved from this cute rope shelf display to a closet under the stairs and I’ve tried just about everything to make the pile smaller…

everything EXCEPT get rid of pillows. lol

Today I brought all of the Amazon Christmas boxes out of the recycling and decided to try a new throw pillow storage solution for all of my covers.

amazon boxes

I took my throw pillow covers and measured out roughly ¾” smaller on each piece of cardboard.

throw pillow storage, throw pillow covers

With a utility knife and a straight edge, I cut the shapes from the cardboard – making sure to include a fold somewhere in the square/rectangle.

The fold allows you to bend the cardboard to insert it into the throw pillow cover, then simply flatten it out.

throw pillow storage, throw pillow covers

throw pillow storage, throw pillow covers

The cover is now rigid enough to stand upright like a record or book.  It will keep your pillow covers wrinkle free, easy to flip through and will take up almost no space at all.  I’m thinking that adding a piece of cardboard to a vacuum sealer bag will also help your throw pillow storage by making the flattened bags stand upright more easily as well.  🤔

throw pillow storage, throw pillow covers

The photo above is of 20 throw pillow covers all stacked up like books, but taking up less space than 2 actual throw pillows!

You can tuck a dryer sheet it every third or fourth pillow cover to keep them smelling fresh and keep critters away

Yes, you still need to store the pillows that these cover someplace, but storing a dozen or so is much easier to find space for than the 32+ I’d have if all of the pillow covers were full.

throw pillow storage, throw pillow covers

The green corduroy looking pillow covers are new and just out of the packaging – I got them on sale in the fall from Ikea for $5 each.  (I know, I’ve already admitted to having a problem). I’m only mentioning it because they are wrinkly after I just wrote that the cardboard will keep your throw pillow covers wrinkle-free.

Sorry guys, I didn’t iron before photos.

Ignoring that, this throw pillow storage solution – along with a few vacuum seal bags – have corralled my collection to one small area. Neat and tidy and easy to sort through

throw pillow storage, throw pillow covers

Any easy organizing solution to keep your throw pillow “issues” under control.

Now that I’ve found several pillow covers I’d forgotten I had, I’m off to change some of the ones in the house out. 😂

Have a great one! 

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