Tips for Bloggers: How to streamline your social media

How to streamline your social media and save hours of work, Cinchshare, Blogging, social media

*This is a sponsored post in that I received a discount on my Cinchshare membership and am part of their ambassador program. I will tell you that I approached Cinchshare after having tried their service for a couple of months and being thrilled with the amount of time and work it has saved me. I […]

Prolonging the life of your tulips

Tulip care, extending the life of your tulips, how to care for cut tulips, prolonging the life of tulips, caring for tulips

It’s tulip season! (Wahoo!)  At least it is in the flower shops. While not my favourite flower, they are certainly in the running because they bring to mind Spring and sunshine and bring colour back into my oh-so-white, winter world. I hesitate to buy tulips however because their lifespan seems so fleeting, and who wants […]

Dream Vacation – Westmoreland, Barbados

Barbados, dream vacation, luxury villas, WIMCO, vacation rentals

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a few non-Christmasy photos of a dream vacation we took the other week. That’s the view from our patio. Truthfully, the only photo editing I did was to adjust the exposure and add the text to the bottom corner – it really was this spectacular! […]

My New Purse!!

DeWalt, repurposed tool bag, tool bag, DeWalt bag, DIY purse, repurposed purse, make your own purse, DIY Diva purse

I don’t show a lot of fashion or “girly” things on this blog – not because I don’t like them; my Pinterest boards are full of cute outfits that I wish I wore, but more because this is a DIY and family blog and after doing DIY and taking care of my family there isn’t […]

Tweens and self-esteem – The be.Tween Project

be.Tween Project, child photography, tween photography, teen photography, preteen photography, tween self-confidence, pre-teen self-esteem, Silent Poetry

When did parenting get so hard? Actually, when hasn’t it been hard? I’m in a household with two “tweenagers” (9 and 11) and each phase of their lives has presented different challenges – from learning to walk, to potty training to letting them assert some independence. But these tween years – all of their struggles […]

Cottage dreaming and learning Lightroom

Butterfly, Monarch, Cottage living, Inverhuron, Lake Huron, beach, Kincardine, summer vacation

We have had the most AMAZING summer! Hubby was able to take two weeks off and we rented a gorgeous cottage on Lake Huron – as in right on the water.  We shared the cottage with our favourite travelling companions and dearest friends and enjoyed sun, sand, surf (some rain) and savoury meals prepared by […]

AWOL – Absent but with outstanding learning

Haven 2017, Haven conference, blogging conference, DIY bloggers, Atlanta

I’m sorry I’ve been missing lately – I had the opportunity to attend an international DIY blogging conference in Atlanta, Georgia and I couldn’t pass it up. Have you heard of Haven? It’s a conference specifically geared towards DIY, design and lifestyle bloggers and it is HUGE. Bloggers from all over North America, England and […]