Christmas home tour 2021

A glimpse into our family’s Christmas with this Holiday home tour 2021

Happy Sunday everyone! 

Stopping in today with a sort of photo essay – because what can I say beyond “Christmas Home Tour 2021”?  

Welcome to our home…

I’ll start in the dining room with the navy and gold flocked tree:

Christmas home tour 2021

Christmas home tour 2021

I know there are only 4 place settings there, but […]

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How to make a wood star / wooden star

I have wanted a wood star (or is it wooden star?) ever since I first came across them on Pinterest.  I tried making one years ago but, as is typical with me, the angles won the battle and I ended up with a shit show of pieces that would not fit together to make a star (and trust me I tried).

wood star, wooden star, scrap wood star

An angle was wrong, or a […]

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Easy Macrame Ornaments – with video tutorials

You don’t have to know macrame, or have any special tools to make these easy macrame ornaments.  Great for homemade ornaments on your tree, or as gift toppers for those you are giving gifts to.

I’ve been saving macrame ornaments on my Pinterest boards lately and some of the creators are just unbelievable.  I thought macrame was just a series of knots and spaces and if you lucked out at all you’d come up with a pretty wall-hanging or plant hanger.

Not […]

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How to make a simple wood tree collar

All you need are 4 pieces of wood, a bit of trim and bed hardware to make this beautiful and incredibly simple wood tree collar.

This build is so ridiculously easy, it’s almost embarrassing to put up…

but I’m sharing it because the key to it’s simplicity wasn’t my idea; it was the gentleman at Lee Valley’s and it’s genius!!

I made a wood tree stand several years ago and it had a stand in it to take my tree from 7.5′ […]

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My Christmas front porch 2021

A more minimal Christmas front porch this year, but still warm, welcoming and something that will last all winter long.

Popping in this morning to show off my simple, understated Christmas front porch.

My goal this Holiday season was to come up with something small and unassuming that would last the entire winter long. (ie no big bows or sparkles etc)

I took the rounded top lanterns I made last year out to my favourite nursery and had them fill […]

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100 Things 2 Do before Christmas

November (for me) means it’s time to get ready for the over-jammed Holiday Season.  I like to spread my tasks (and fun stuff) over the whole season so as not to get overwhelmed and resentful.  This 100Things2Do before Christmas (printable) list will help you enjoy the Holidays more as well.

Yup, it’s that time!

Time to get your 100 Things 2 Do Before the Holidays checklist and post it on your fridge to keep you ahead of the game this Holiday […]

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Christmas window box

In this one instance I’m going to recommend that DIYing your Christmas window box *might be more expensive than picking up a few pre-made ones from your local nursery.  Just glam it up with berries, picks and ribbons when you get home and save a ton of money.

My tree is up!

Not decorated yet, but it’s so beautiful in all its sparkly-light-ness, that I might just enjoy it bare for a couple of weeks before deciding on a colour scheme.

Or I […]

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