Make your own Christmas shirt

Do you have access to a cutting machine?  If so, (even if it’s a friend that has one) you can make your own Christmas shirt in a few easy steps!

I have to start by saying these ideas are plagiarized.

I don’t mean I was “inspired by”, I mean I copied the idea entirely – without improvement or alteration.

But the idea, and the Christmas shirts are SO CUTE!

You can’t improve on perfection right?  And since Artsy Fartsy Mama is giving away […]

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Wooden Angel Wings

Create these wooden Angel wings as a keepsake decor piece for Christmas (or all year long) to commemorate the loss of a loved one. 

Someone I love lost someone they love in 2018.  I searched and searched to try to come up with a  heartfelt gift to commemorate their loss and let them know they are in my thoughts – especially during this emotional time of year.

I found a […]

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Christmas in the Dining Room

Christmas in the Dining Room – with the table set for entertaining and the lights low for a warm Christmas glow, come and check out my Christmas dining room on the blog today!

I had so much trouble photographing my dining room this year!

I cleaned and polished and dusted and mopped, but when I went to take photos we had a beautiful sunny day – which sounds awesome, but actually isn’t ideal for photographing.  I waited until the sun had moved […]

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Decorative Snowballs

Good morning everyone!

I’m just popping in with a quickie post this morning to show off these adorable faux snowballs.

There’s not much to this tutorial really, but my Mom thought I should share it in case anyone else wanted to tuck a few decorative snowballs on their front porch, under their tree or as place markers on the dining table.

I picked up some styrofoam balls from Michael’s

FloraCraft styrofoam balls

It’s tough to tell […]

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Scrap Wood Gnomes

A piece or two of scrap wood, some dollar store paint, craft beads and felt are all you need to create these adorable Christmas gnomes.

My Christmas Tomte (Norwegian name) or Nisse (Danish name) has been a big hit on the blog for the past couple of years.  In fact, the Instagram photo I put up has more likes than many of my building posts, so I thought I’d take a shot at making a few scrap wood gnomes and combine […]

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Christmas Bedroom

Just a few small, festive touches can take your bedroom from everyday to a cozy Christmas retreat.

This is part 2 of my Holiday Home Tour – done piecemeal because no two rooms are ever tidy at the same time.

If you want to see the 100Things2Do Christmas tree 2018 and family room decor click over, but for today I’m going to show how I incorporated a few simple ornaments to ramp up the Holiday cozy in my Christmas bedroom.

It all […]

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