Vern the Fern

A simple Hallowe’en craft for you and the kids – add eyeballs to your plants and create your own “Vern the fern”! 

I feel like I’ve shared this before, but since I can’t find it, I’m sharing it again….

Looking for an easy way to “Hallowe’en” up your house – yup – used it as a verb there. 😂

All you need is whatever is left of your summer plants, a dowel or piece of rigid wire, 2 ping pong balls and dollar […]

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Egg candles

There’s still time! A few eggs, some bees wax and a few wicks are all you need to make your own Easter egg candles!

I’m scrambling to write this because Easter is this weekend and I only just tried this out on Monday.  I had no idea if it would work or not (as with most of my projects) but I saw these egg candles and I wanted some (as with most of my projects).

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Christmas Bedroom

Do you decorate your bedroom for the Holidays? I do, and there’s nothing I love more than falling asleep to twinkle lights in a Christmas bedroom.

I was a bit hesitant to post my Christmas bedroom; not because I don’t love it (I SO DO!), but because my bedding and decor aren’t as fancy as interior design bloggers’.

I didn’t iron the wrinkles out of my bedding. In fact, my duvet cover is two flat flannel sheets that I sewed together because […]

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Christmas tree 2020 – burgundy, pink and gold

An unusual colour scheme for me, my Christmas tree 2020 is full of sparkle, shine and all of the twinkling dreams of the Season.

My Christmas tree 2020 started out in January of this year….  

you see, I am a sucker for Christmas, and an even bigger sucker for a deal – so I picked up a set of 100 burgundy ornaments after last Christmas and have been storing them just waiting for this year’s tree.

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Red berry wreath

Make your own vibrant red Christmas berry wreath with a styrofoam form, a bit of ribbon, a few berry branches and some hot glue.

(This article was originally posted in November 2013, but the links back to it are sketchy at best.  Because it’s one of my favourite Christmas projects, I decided it was worth reposting again.  Photos were also from 2013, so please forgive the graininess.)

I love this Christmas berry wreath.

I mean, […]

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My Christmas Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and although it is a room of function over form, I decided to exercise a little Holiday spirit and share with you my Christmas kitchen.

I recently had new counters and a new backsplash installed in my kitchen (farewell shitty, destroyed laminate!) and while I haven’t figured out exactly how to style things, I did take a shot at decorating my kitchen for Christmas.

Let me tell you, this took SOOOOO LOOOOONG!

These photos are […]

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Don’t forget November/December birthdays! Give them a Birthday tree!

Do you have loved ones with the unfortunate luck of having a November or December birthday?  Where their special day gets lost in the chaos that is the Christmas Season?  Celebrate their special day by changing up your Holiday decor and giving them a Birthday tree!

We have a November baby in this house.

A late November baby….

and a Mom with very little self-control when it comes to all things Christmas, so it’s definitely a struggle to make her birthday celebration stand […]

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