Wood Reindeer

This fun DIY reindeer head can be made from wood or cardboard and can be decorated to fit your decor.

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We went away skiing last March and rented a cabin with an old stone fireplace.  Above the fireplace was this giant moose head made entirely from grapevine and he was absolutely gorgeous.  Ever since seeing him, I have thought how pretty and whimsical a FAKE animal bust […]

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Christmas Orb

These metal spheres are typically found in gardens, but today I’m showcasing how I turned it into a glowing Christmas orb hung from our pergola.

Chloë and I hit the Lucan craft show a couple of weeks ago – a yearly tradition we have – and, per usual, we were amazed at all the crafts and DIYs from all of those creative minds.

One such brilliant brain was C&D Steel Works – who make beautiful metal objects for your home and […]

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Wooden Christmas Trees

All you need to create these festive and rustic wooden Christmas trees is some scrap wood and a jig saw!

I was at HomeSense the other week – which is my SAHMom version of a luxury vacation – and I was snapping photos here and there of projects that I wanted to buy, but knew I could make for a fraction of the price (even though HomeSense really does have great prices).

One item caught my eye in particular; a wooden Christmas […]

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Adding snow to an artificial Christmas tree

Snow-flocked trees have been all the rage for the past couple of years, but purchasing a pre-flocked tree can be pricey.  Instead, add artificial snow to your existing tree in a few easy steps.

Do you have a neighbour that does weird things?  Maybe they put out their Hallowe’en decorations in August or their garage is always open and it’s chock-full of chaos.

I’m that neighbour – and it’s to the point now where my neighbours don’t even bat an eye when they […]

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Scrapwood Hallowe’en Owl

When you’ve finished your Fall pruning, hang on to a branch or two and make this adorable Hallowe’en Owl.

My friend sent me a photo of an adorable owl made from branch slices that she’d seen in a  shop somewhere.  I had a bit of Fall pruning that needed doing – so it seemed serendipitous that I should attempt to make my own branch slice owl in awesome Hallowe’en colours.

*Note:  Cutting the branch into thin slices, on an angle, is not […]

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Edible Easter Basket

I posted this edible Easter basket idea a few years ago, but since the photos were sub-par and at the time I didn’t know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was – the article is lost somewhere in the www universe.  With Easter just around the corner, I decided to get my ‘baskets’ together early and I thought I’d share this simple and inexpensive gift idea.

I wish my kids wanted/needed something for Easter that wouldn’t put them into sugar-shock – […]

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Easter Bunny Door from scrap wood

If your kids are still at an age where the Easter Bunny brings almost as much excitement as Santa Claus, then this is a simple DIY you will want to incorporate into your Easter decor/festivities: and Easter Bunny Door!

I had some leftover 1″ x 12″ rough pine from my super-sized shoe rack build I did for my gal-pal Jen Woodhouse, which was perfectly sized for where I planned to place my Easter Bunny door:

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