Just a tiny tour of my Christmas bedroom 2022. Frosty tree, glowing lights, pretty gifts, and cozy sheets. (Happy sigh)

I can’t believe it’s the middle of December and I haven’t shared my Christmas trees on the blog!  I’m not sure if you enjoy seeing them, but I like to look back and see what I’ve done in years past – and since 100Things2Do is a chronicle of my projects, I need to add in my tree each year.

Believe it or not, I’ve toned down my Christmas considerably this year.  I’ve only put up two trees (instead of my usual 3), I didn’t decorate my staircase, and I didn’t add anything wintery or Christmasy to my front porch.  I’ve been such a slacker!

BUT, there are two places I can’t NOT have a tree – one is my giant 9′ tree in the family room that we all sit and enjoy, and the other is in my bedroom… because falling asleep to Christmas lights is one of my favourite things EVER.

Bedroom Christmas tree in red and white

You want to hear a funny story…

I was getting my trees out ready for decorating, and this unopened box with a brand new frosted Christmas tree magically appeared from behind my furnace!  I had completely forgotten that I (must have?) bought a new Christmas tree after the Holidays last year!  I still don’t remember doing it, but here she is in all her frosty glory!

I went with a red and white scheme this year to coordinate with the beautiful products and packaging I’d received from Canadian Tire as part of a promotion for the Jillian Harris ♥️ Christmas Canvas collection.  The reversible tree skirt inspired both the colour scheme and the whimsy in this years tree.

red and white Christmas ornaments

I showed gift wrapping tutorials on the blog the other day – showcasing the gift wrap line from Canadian Tire – and you can see how it adds so much to the decor!

Christmas bedroom 2022, bedroom Christmas tree 2022, red & white Christmas tree

I draped a faux pine garland over my headboard and tucked a few sparkly branches in to add interest.

The bedding is just a plain white flannel that I use all winter long – not very interesting or decorative – but so cozy and warm.

To give it a more festive feel I put a textured throw across the bottom of the bed and then topped it with a table runner…  seriously, a table runner!  I didn’t want a million layers of blankets piled on that I had to fold and make pretty each day, and I didn’t want to spend my already strapped Christmas budget on new bedding that would only be used for a month, so this beautiful (reversible) table runner was perfect!

christmas bed

It looks pretty coming into the room, and even prettier from the view from my bed.

view from my bed

That makes me want to snuggle in now.

Even better would be snuggling in with a piece of cake!  

I couldn’t resist showing off the cake stand from the Jillian Harris ♥️ Christmas Canvas collection, and while I could have styled it with candles and some greenery, I wanted cake.

That’s all the justification I’m going to give on that. lol

Christmas bedroom 2022, bedroom Christmas tree 2022, red & white Christmas tree

I was tormenting my Dad the other day by showing the tree in my bedroom on Facebook and Instagram… then I let him know that I wasn’t above bribing “bearded lumbersnacks into my bedroom if they were bearing bags of gifts”.

Don’t worry, I haven’t given him a stroke yet – his tolerance for my mischief has increased over the years.

Santa's milk and cookies
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That’s basically it… a gorgeous frosted tree, pretty gifts, cozy bedding and glowing lights.  What else could you ask for?

Christmas bedroom 2022, bedroom Christmas tree 2022, red & white Christmas tree

Oh yeah – that gift-bearing lumbersnack 😉

Have a great one!