I always thought it was spelled ‘sachette’, but word keeps correcting me?

I chose to make these in heart shapes to give you some Valentine’s inspiration, but really you could do any shape at all, and give them any time of year – all you need is some scrap fabric, some thread and some scent beads.


Heart sachet, closet sachet, linen closet freshener.

Cut your scrap fabric to shape – you will need two pieces per sachet.

Heart Sachet - 2

Sew along the edges leaving a 1″ (2.5cm) opening at the bottom.

Roll a scrap piece of paper into a funnel and half fill your sachet – these scent beads are STRONG, so you really don’t need a lot to get a lot of impact.

Heart Sachet - 3

Sew the opening closed and you’re done!

Heart Sachet - 4

If you’re giving these as gifts, you can decorate them with buttons, bows, flowers and tags – just use a bit of hot glue to hold them in place.

I’ve added a ribbon loop to a couple of the sachets so I can hang them over a coat hanger in my closet, or over a hook in the mudroom.

The flat ones (without ribbon) can lie in a drawer, or be tucked in a linen closet to keep your sheets and towels smelling spectacular.  These are also great to use as a car air freshener – and they are supposed to last 12 weeks – so much longer than the dangly cardboard ones you buy at the hardware store.Heart Sachet - 5

I going to guess that the scent beads melt relatively easily, but I’m tempted to put one over the heating vent in the bedroom to get the pretty smell flowing through the room.

Heart Sachet - 6

The possibilities are endless really – if it stinks, throw in a sachet.  The best part is they are SO EASY to make and so cute to display that you can create dozens for all over your home, or for all of your friends.

Heart Sachet - 7

I guess (and this is only a guess) that you could probably put them in with the laundry when their effectiveness in the closet seems over?  You might get one last spurt of smell on your clothing – but I’d remove any paper and glue embellishments before trying.

Heart Sachet - P

I was going to give these away closer to Valentine’s Day, but they smelled so nice that I put one in my linen closet, one in my clothes closet, one in the mudroom and one in my car….  fortunately, one container of scent beads will make dozens of these sachets, so I can still come through before Valentine’s Day.

Have a great one!


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