We’re just under a month out, so I thought I’d get us all organized by bringing out the Easter Scavenger Hunt printables and the Easter Egg Hunt Invitations.

Each year my street gets together to hold an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  It’s been going on for years now – I’m pretty sure if I searched my computer I’d find shots of the girls at 3 years old (they are now 9 and 11), so I think it’s safe to say it’s a pretty popular event each year.

While I’m not sure how many of the kids still believe in the Easter Bunny, each one of them LOVES the hunt.

I’d go so far as to say my girls love the hunt more than the candy they end up finding.

We use the same invitation each year and I just overlay the blank boxes with this year’s details:

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Our Easter Egg Hunt works by sending one of the parents out at 9am to hide 20-25 eggs per child participating.  We insist on plastic eggs (with treats inside) so that nothing edible touches the ground (or dog pee) directly.

At 9:30 everyone meets together near the Easter Egg Hunt area and we let ’em loose!  The younger kids will look for their eggs along a pathway in a nearby park and the older ones will run wild through a small forest to find theirs.

Easter egg hunt, Easter egg hunt invitation, Easter invitation, Easter bunny invite, egg hunt invite

The hunt itself is over when all the kids have found 20-25 eggs each – sometimes that’s in 20 minutes, other times 45 minutes.  The older the kids, the harder we make the eggs to find – think up in trees, under logs etc.

The little ones toddle along the pathway picking up eggs laying in the grass while parents and grandparents snap photos.

The older ones go screaming and barreling through the forest in a mad frenzy to find chocolate.  If the Easter Bunny was in attendance, I guarantee he’d run for the hills when the banshees hit the woods. lol

I love seeing how excited they get, and the few minutes of coffee time I get with neighbours that have hibernated inside all winter.

If you’re not interested in helping your Dentist fund his retirement with multiple cavities, then we have another option available as well;

Easter scavenger hunt, printable scavenger hunt, neighbourhood scavenger hunt

While the objects on this Easter Scavenger Hunt are pretty simple, hunting for them could take the kids all over the neighbourhood – so it’s probably better that you give this to the older ones, or keep up with the littles.

Once your child has found everything on the Easter Scavenger Hunt, you can send them to one last spot to find their Easter treat or basket – usually inside your own house so the other kids don’t get jealous.

Feel free to use the above images for your Easter Egg Hunt or Easter Scavenger Hunt – they are .jpg files that you can save to your desktop and then insert into a Word doc for printing.  Just click on the image you want and right-click to save.

It might be a tad early, but this will give you time to organize your own Community/ Neighbourhood Easter Egg Hunt by printing a few off or e-mailing to friends and family.

Have a great one!