Find any definition that fits your situation and turn it into a funny, declarative piece of clothing to show off – in my case, this “Messy t-shirt” fit the bill perfectly!

Good afternoon everyone!

I’m so sorry I’ve been AWOL of late; it’s not for lack of working – I actually have a ginormous workbench, 2 nightstands and a butcher block island coming soon to the blog – but it’s because my family is in a state of “flux”.

My husband and I are separating and all the pain and drama and tears that goes along with that, have consumed us of late.


I won’t bore you with mama-drama – instead I’m going to try to share “small victories” to give you a giggle – because who can’t use a laugh right?

SO, the other day my cat, Odie, was kneading away on a chair in my office (if you follow me on Instagram you will have heard this already in one of my highlight videos).  All cats knead, but this time Odie was wiggling his rear around awkwardly – I’d go so far as to write “inappropriately”.

Yes, it might be worms, but he’s up-to-date on all of his vaccinations and de-worming pills, so I’m going to guess that he was masturbating.

Do cats masturbate?

It appears that Odie does.

I told my Hubby what I thought was happening and he said “Um, you can keep that chair” (we have to divvy up all the furniture and belongings still).

This chair is REALLY pretty – with or without Odie’s christening – so I was thrilled that this is one less thing for us to potentially argue about – gross as it seems. lol

I now have a plan to sprinkle catnip on everything in the house that I hope to keep to create a conducive (romantic??) environment for my cat to fulfill his sexual needs.  Not sure if he’ll go to town on my table saw – but it’s worth a shot right?


Small victories right?  In a time of pain and sadness, you’ve got to find the moments of laughter.

Okay, you came here to make a shirt right?  I’ll quit blabbing.

I saw a version of this shirt at a local store called Prim & Pauper Maker’s Market – and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for me (particularly now).

I picked up an inexpensive t-shirt and went to work re-creating a Messy t-shirt for myself.

I used my Silhouette cameo to cut out the lettering (Helvetica neue) onto some heat transfer glitter vinyl.

First you’ll want to set up your Silhouette page to the dimensions (maximum size) you want your wording to be.  I went with 5″ tall by 11″ wide.

I entered my “Messy” text and definition in 3 different text boxes so that I could change-up sizing and spacing in each one.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to “select all” and then under the “Object” tab, click on “group”.

Messy t-shirt, messy definition, make your own t-shirt

This makes your lines of text into one component, which is what you want because next we have to flip the entire image over.

Under the “Object” tab, you’ll click on “Mirror” and then select “flip horizontally” to get a reverse image.

Messy t-shirt, messy definition, make your own t-shirt

This is what you’ll have showing on your Silhouette Studio screen:

Messy t-shirt, messy definition, make your own t-shirt

The reason for flipping/mirroring your image/text is so that when it is cut from the heat transfer vinyl, the sticky side will be facing the t-shirt material and the image itself will be true to the front.

I’ll show you here;  lay your heat transfer (mine is glitter) vinyl onto your cutting mat, so that the pretty glittery side is facing the mat.  The dull side will be facing up.

Messy t-shirt, messy definition, make your own t-shirt

Adjust the blades on your cutting machine to the appropriate depth for the vinyl and then cut.

Remove any of the vinyl that you don’t want on your t-shirt surface.

Messy t-shirt, messy definition, make your own t-shirt

Get out your iron and set it to the hottest setting, but with no steam.

It’s tough to see the clear plastic holding the Messy text together in this photo, but it’s there.  Lay out your adhesive vinyl where you want it and then cover over the clear plastic sheet with a thin cloth (I folded the lower edge of the t-shirt up to lay over top.

Messy t-shirt, messy definition, make your own t-shirt

Iron thoroughly for about 15 seconds, then carefully remove the plastic sheeting.

Messy t-shirt, messy definition, make your own t-shirt

Turn your Messy t-shirt inside out and iron on the backside of the Messy text to set it thoroughly. (Put a cloth or piece of cardboard between the layers of the t-shirt just in case.)

Messy t-shirt, messy definition, make your own t-shirt

That’s it!  You’ve just made your own Messy t-shirt (or whatever other definition you want to flaunt).

My chaos is now my fashion statement!

Messy t-shirt, messy definition, make your own t-shirt

Not a great fashion statement, but a funny one. lol

Messy t-shirt, messy definition, make your own t-shirt

Messy t-shirt, messy definition, make your own t-shirt

On the off-chance that you don’t have a $250 cutting machine and $30 worth of heat transfer glitter vinyl lying around – click over to Prim & Pauper and find one already made for you (after all, it was her creative genius that inspired me).

More small victories and big projects coming soon!

Have a great one!


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3 Responses

  1. Hey, Shelly…I’ve been to this party and I know how difficult the whole damn process is. As hard as it may be and I know easier said than done, but be kind to yourself and try to keep smiling with your small victories!

  2. Hi Shelly,
    I made the doggie treats and took them them to my grand dog, Fiona, yesterday and she loved them. She too is a Bernese Mountain Dog but of the bigger variety (as in 140 pounds). Thank you for the recipe.

  3. Hi Shelly: I had missed you. Thought I had accidentally unsubscribed. I am so sorry for your troubles. Stay strong, and never lose that sense of humour.