A great idea for minimizing contact amidst Covid, these pretty single-use soaps are decorative, smell wonderful and are so easy to make!

Just popping in with a quick idea today – not even sure if I can stretch it out to 300 words so that Google will include it in its search engines… but it’s a good idea, especially given the current pandemic.

Single-use soap!

I don’t want to give you the idea that I have poor hygiene, but I have never washed my hands as much as I have since Covid started.  One trip to the mall and I should be drunk for all of the alcohol sanitizers that seep into my skin from EVERY. SINGLE. STORE.

You know the stuff that lets you know where every single sliver, papercut and hangnail is?

I digress, this is about soap – and if you are using pump soaps then you should be pretty safe from Covid cooties.

BUT, there is still a need for regular soaps – particularly if you work in the trades.

Bath & BodyWorks just can’t fight the grease and oil from working on your car, and it struggles to get all of the wood glue and stain under control for us DIYers.

There’s also a decorative component to single-use soaps that are kind of nice for guests.

I picked up some hand-crafted soap from my friend Michele at Bee Local.

hand crafted soap

It smells so pretty!  It will work as an air freshener in the bathroom as well!

I used a vegetable peeler and sliced off narrow strips until the bar was gone.

This bar was about 4 ½” tall, and after trying out a single “peel”, I can tell you that it was too much soap for one hand-washing.

I ended up cutting down each peel into thirds and setting my pretty shavings in a decorative dish in the guest bathroom.

single-use soap, handsoap, decorative soap, hand-crafted soap


These are roughly ¾” by ¾” (and are still a bit too much for one hand-washing if I’m being honest).

They are however pretty, smell wonderful and are a great way to stop the spread of germs should multiple people use the same bathroom. 

I chose to use the handcrafted soap since these single-use soaps were for our powder room, but this would work just as well with industrial bar soaps that mechanics use – Lava and other pumice soaps.

single-use soap, handsoap, decorative soap, hand-crafted soap

Quick, easy, pretty and another effort in our battle to remain Covid-free.

single-use soap, handsoap, decorative soap, hand-crafted soap

Michele’s Bee Local handcrafted soaps were soooo scrumptious, that I couldn’t resist adding in a raw honey lip balm and gorgeous candle to my little vignette.

single-use soap, handsoap, decorative soap, hand-crafted soap

Over 300 words and I didn’t even have to write “single-use soap” 12 more times!!  lol

Go peel some soap and have a great one!