Irresistible candied nuts (use whatever nuts you want!)

Candied nuts

Looking for a sweet treat to nibble away on?  Or perhaps give as gifts to friends and neighbours?  These delicious candied nuts take 6 ingredients and less than an hour to whip up. Valentine’s tomorrow, and Super Bowl was yesterday – so I’m sneaking in with a quick Valentine’s Day treat you can make right […]

Who Cut the Cheese?! (Storing Cheese)

Easy and brilliant hack - how to store cheese. Storing cheese.

I’ve got an easy, brilliant and quick idea for you today – brought to you by my friend Andy (of the fantastic nuts fame)… storing cheese! How do you store your cheese after it’s opened?  Pull it out of it’s wrapper and store it in a zip lock baggie?  Put it in tupperware?  Wrap it […]

Creamy Potato & Leek Soup

Creamy Potato and Leek Soup

Last week Hubby was away in Banff on business – which means I had to actually come up with a meal plan for my children. I have a few go-to meals that are easy and relatively healthy, but if Hubs is gone for any number of days we do seem to find a McDonald’s drive-thru […]

Andy’s Candied Nuts

Easy Candied Nuts - Beer Nuts

We had a running joke at Christmas over Andy’s nuts;  Hubby whipped up a batch and then we served them to everyone… and the accolades were unanimous – everyone LOVES Andy’s nuts. Even my Dad, who is a plain nuts kind of guy, couldn’t stop eating them.  Hubby didn’t mind that I devoured Andy’s nuts […]