Creating a garage workshop on a budget

Creating a garage workshop

Setting up a garage workshop can be a rewarding project, providing you with a dedicated space for DIY projects, repairs, and creative endeavours. These tips will help you create a safe, organized and functional space no matter what square footage you’re working with. My Step-Dad, while not an avid woodworker, does enjoy puttering away at […]

Can you clean brass with ketchup?

cleaning brass with ketchup

Have you ever wondered if ketchup can really clean brass?  Today we’re attempting to clean brass with ketchup, and how it compares to store-bought cleaners. Have you ever wondered if ketchup can really clean brass?  I’ve read dozens of articles and each seems to offer a different bit of advice; use ketchup for 1 hour, […]

Adding shelves to your shower

using stone remnants to make shower shelves

Adding shelves to your shower. Using stone remnants to make shower shelves  I can’t take credit for this post; it was actually my step-dad that came up with the idea and implemented it.  He just very kindly took photos for me so that I could share it here with you. Do you wish you had […]

Adding pre-fabricated cabinets to organize your home office

office cabinets, pre-fab office cabinets, office organization

Adding pre-fabricated cabinets to organize your home office brings in form, function, organization and a clean, crisp aesthetic. I can’t take credit for this post, although I will (braggingly) say that this build was inspired by my home office built-ins!  (I love when readers try my ideas!) In this case the reader is my Step-Dad, […]

How to replace a screen

how to replace a screen, replacing a screen, screen repair

Keeping pets in and bugs out – your screen is a summer must. This is how to replace a screen that isn’t doing either. If you have pets or kids, then you’ve likely had damage done to your screens. Actually, this screen was damaged by some wild critter (a bunny I think) that fell into […]

Frame a puzzle?

How to frame a puzzle, framing a puzzle, preserving a puzzle, puzzle wall art

If you’ve spent hours and hours finishing a puzzle, only to have to break it apart again to box it up, then this idea might just be for you! My parents love puzzles. I guess I should say they love THIS puzzle, and have solved it and broken it down and solved it again more […]

DIY Branch Table

DIY Branch Table

This DIY branch table post came about because my Step-Dad did some extensive pruning in their backyard.  I can’t remember if he asked me if I could use the branches, or if I saw them and asked him for them – but I had this branch table from Brent Comber pinned as a wish-list project […]