Keeping pets in and bugs out – your screen is a summer must. This is how to replace a screen that isn’t doing either.

If you have pets or kids, then you’ve likely had damage done to your screens.

Actually, this screen was damaged by some wild critter (a bunny I think) that fell into a basement window well and must have struggled to get out.

No corpse, so whatever it was escaped – but not my window screen. 🤦🏻‍♀️

As it turns out, replacing a window screen is pretty easy!  At least that’s what the girls’ Papa told me, since he took on this project for me.  

All you need is a screwdriver, utility knife, screen spline roller, new screen and new spline.

tools needed to replace a screen

Use a small screwdriver to lift the old spline out of the crevice in your screen frame.

use a screwdriver to pull up the old screen spline

Once the spline has been pulled out, the screen will come out easily.

how to replace a screen, replacing a screen, screen repair

Lay your screen over top of your frame and pull taut.  You can see in this photo that my Step-Dad used heavy items outside of the frame to hold it in place.

Measure your screen spline and cut just larger than you need – you can always trim it later, but too little will mean you start over.

lay screen over frame and pull taught

Keeping the screen taught, use a spline roller to press your spline into the frame.

use a spline roller to press the spline into place

Trim off the excess spline where they meet and then run your utility knife along the edge of the frame to cut off the excess screen material.

use utility knife to cut off excess screen material

Papa promised it was super-easy.

So much so that I *might have asked him to do my patio screen door as well.

I’m so spoiled!


how to replace a screen, replacing a screen, screen repair


how to replace a screen, replacing a screen, screen repair

So much better and now that you know how to replace a screen, you can save a ton of money by doing it yourself!

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Thank you so much Papa!

Have a great one!