Free birdhouse plans

free birdhouse plans, DIY birdhouses

Free birdhouse plans for not one, but two different birdhouses! Measurements, cut lists and instructions for these DIY birdhouses – each coming in at less than $4 in wood! One of my most popular posts of all time is the time I shared Ana White’s birdhouse plans.  It was easy, inexpensive, and has lasted from […]

Make your own modern bird feeder

modern bird feeder, DIY bird feeder, bird feeder building plans

This modern bird feeder uses up small bits of scrap wood, but takes a bit of time to get the symmetry correct.  These free building plans will take some of the guesswork out and have you feeding the birds in style! One of my favourite things to do is to find something online and then […]

How to build mudroom storage (built-ins that aren’t actually built-in!)

mudroom before picture

Do you have a mudroom that houses more than just coats and shoes?  I needed to incorporate a LOT of storage into ours, including room for a fridge, so I came up with a plan for how to build mudroom storage that looks like built-ins (but aren’t really built-in at all!) I want to start […]

Under window bookshelf

under window bookshelf, under window bookcase, low bookshelf, low bookcase

Do you have windows that are too large or low to fit standard furniture pieces under? Check out this long, low under window bookshelf Chris built. Have I ever told you that I can be a bit of a bully? It’s true.  It doesn’t happen often – but when I want something, I want it. […]

Christmas sled

Christmas sled, wooden sled, DIY wood sled

It’s TIME!! Time to get building for the Holidays and I’m starting my Holiday builds with this DIY Christmas sled. Easy, inexpensive and a great beginner building project! I know, there are tons of plans online for wooden sleds (decorative).  Heck, I used Fynes Designs sled plans to build this little cutie: Which I love, […]

Building plans for a small shed

Building plans for a small shed, building plans for a bike shed, building plans for a garbage shed

Need some extra storage for bicycles, garbage bins, patio furniture etc?  These building plans for a small shed have you covered! I’m SO PROUD of this build! Really, if I could keep it for myself (if I had a need and the space), I totally would – my bike shed/small shed is SO BEAUTIFUL! What […]

DIY Tall Planters

DIY tall planter, DIY tapered planter, DIY planter

Add instant curb appeal with these simple and inexpensive DIY tall, tapered planters. I’m getting old folks. I’m not happy about it in the least, and this past month has really knocked me on my ass. It started with my 12 year old asking if I was going bald because she saw a patch of […]