Raised Dog Dish Stand

Raised dog dish, raised dog food stand, raised dog bowls

A $0 build made up of scrap pieces of wood and leftover paint, this raised dog dish stand can be customized to fit any dish with a lip and is sturdy enough for even the biggest dogs! Good morning friends! Popping in this morning with a quick and easy (not to be confused with cheap […]

Patio console table / BBQ table

Patio console table, bbq table

A few 2″x8″ and 2″x2″ boards and an afternoon of your time and you too can have this functional (and SO PRETTY) patio console table / bbq table. You guys, I built this thing over a month ago, but I was holding off on posting an article until my petunias grew in so I could […]

DIY King Size Bed

DIY kingsize bed, do-it-yourself kingsize bed, kingsize bed with upholstered headboard

Take it from me, building a bed – even a DIY king size bed with upholstered panels – is NOT as difficult as you might think.  With plans from Rogue Engineer as my jumping off point, I was able to build this Rachel Ray knock-off for about $255 US! *This post contains affiliate links to […]

Scrap Wood Window Box

Window box, DIY window box, scrap wood window box

I made this DIY window box for $0 using scrap 2″x 4″s and you can too!  Good morning friends! Does it bug you that I use capital letters in my titles?  I grew up learning to capitalize letters in a title, but later – while working in Marketing – I learned that the proper way […]

DIY Nightstands from Rogue Engineer

DIY nightstand, DIY bedside table, Cooper nightstand, nightstand with one drawer

With easy-to-follow building plans, these Cooper bedside tables are a simple and inexpensive route to furnishing a bedroom – check out my DIY nightstands and see for yourself! I FINALLY have a build to share with you today! I started these Do It Yourself (DIY) nightstands at the end of January, but with recent events, […]

Wall-mounted plate rack

Wall-mounted plate rack, plate rack, DIY plate rack, plate display rack

Short on cupboard space or just looking to display your servers and cutting boards?  Build this simple wall-mounted plate rack (with drawer) to organize and decorate in one! I’m working with my super-hero Jen Woodhouse today on the building plans for this gorgeous (and functional) wall-mounted plate rack. Think plate racks are just for Grandmas […]

Build a Laundry Folding Table Over Your Washer and Dryer

Laundry folding table, table over washer & dryer, folding counter, counter over washer, Laundry room storage

Use these simple building plans to build your own folding table over your washer and dryer. The other day you caught a sneak-peek at my new folding table in my unfinished laundry room.  I know, I know, I’ve built a laundry dresser/folding table before, but the thing was a beast and it blocked the doorway […]