The best way to deep clean your shower

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Yes, hire someone else and rebuild your entire shower from scratch. Failing the whopping budget for that, the easiest and best way I’ve found to deep clean your shower is to use the HomeRight SteamMachine. (This is not a sponsored post however the links to purchase the Steam Machine are affiliate links – which means […]

The easiest way to clean window tracks (chemical free)

How to clean window tracks, the easiest way to clean window tracks, cleaning windows, window cleaning, HomeRight steam machine, chemical-free cleaning

It’s SPRING! At least the calendar says it should be Spring even if the weather isn’t totally Spring-like, which means it’s time to get to work on all of those areas of the home where dirt and crud have built up all winter long… like window tracks. Mine are disgusting – beyond the normal black […]

How to Clean Fabric & Microsuede

I wrote a post on how to clean microsuede a couple of years ago and it still sees traffic on Pinterest. Guess I’m not the only one with filthy furniture? Today I have an even better cleaning solution that will help you with “How to clean fabric & microsuede” – without colour distortion! I give my […]