I wrote a post on how to clean microsuede a couple of years ago and it still sees traffic on Pinterest.

Guess I’m not the only one with filthy furniture?

Today I have an even better cleaning solution that will help you with “How to clean fabric & microsuede” – without colour distortion!

How to clean fabric & microsuede

I give my kids napkins – I promise – but there is (obviously) more appeal to wiping your fingers all over Mommy’s chairs.  Not just my dining room micro-suede-ish ones either.  Check out my kitchen stools:

How to clean fabric & microsuede

I’m just guessing at those stains, I’m sure there’s also milk stains, butter and jam and I-don’t-even-wanna-know what else on there.

It was time to give my dining room chairs – which are a brushed cotton I believe, but have the look of micro-suede – a clean.

This is an ENJO product I hadn’t tried before called the textile glove – and watch this:

Cleaning fabric & microsuede - 3

I just dampened the cloth with a bit of water and wiped the chair in a light circular motion.

How to clean fabric & microsuede

Are you kidding me?!  (The shadow is my camera strap shadow because I had the light behind me).

Just water – and I didn’t even scrub hard – just light circles over the entire chair!

How to clean fabric & microsuede

Those stools were a lot dirtier, so I didn’t hold out hope for results as dramatic as above – but even damp, you can see the one on the right is considerably cleaner.

Cleaning fabric & microsuede - 8

Below is how it looked once it dried and you can see that everything except the paint came out!

I had all but resigned myself to recovering them once again – this ENJO glove saved me from the additional expense and work.

How to clean fabric & microsuede

Blood (if it was blood) – gone.

Mustard – (shockingly) gone

Grease and oil stains – gone

Milk stains – gone.

The best part is that because the ENJO Textile Glove only uses water – it won’t pull or bleach colours out of your fabrics.  You can blot stains out of your curtains, carpet, blouse, pants anything and everything!  You don’t have to buy the little bleach pens at the grocery store, just carry your dry cloth and dampen if/when needed – put it in the wash when it’s dirty and start again.

This one glove is estimated to last (be effective) for around three years.  I only clean my furniture once in a blue-moon, so I may have this around for a decade before I need to replace it.

ENJO textile glove - cleans fabric and carpet

Look at that – I hadn’t even thought about getting salt stains out of boots and shoes – and if you’re a Mom, chances are your car has a stain or two.

Cleaning fabric & microsuede - P

I didn’t take photos at the time, but company accidentally spilled some cranberry sauce on my carpet – and after blotting the stain with the cloth, it came completely out.


Cranberry?!  Hand to heart I’m not lying.

I think the images speak for themselves, but if you have any additional questions, contact Lynn and she can help.

*This is a sponsored post, but the opinions expressed are sincere and the photographs true – this really is a fantastic cleaner!


Have a great one!

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