Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Custom Sun Hat

Mother's Day gift idea, sun hat, custom sun hat, DIY sun hat

Do you remember Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress?  From her third marriage?  The one where the kids doodles were incorporated into the gown itself? With this and Mother’s Day in mind, it got me to thinking of a neat Mother’s Day gift idea that the kids could do.  A crafty gift that I’d actually use… like […]

Crafty Crates Subscriptions – Try Before You Buy

Crafty Crates Subscriptions, subscription box, craft box, try new crafts, Crafty Crates

Crafty Crates Subscriptions is a brand new subscription box company – like brand-spanking new – but with a BRILLIANT concept… crafts for ADULTS (and/or older kids). I know, you’re subscription-boxed out, but hear my argument; if you read this blog chances are you are a Crafter/DIYer or at the very least a Wanna-be-Crafter or Wanna-be-DIYer… however, […]

DIY Wood iPhone Stand / Nightstand Valet

iPhone stand, wood iPhone stand, wood iPhone dock, iPhone valet, nightstand valet, iPad valet

I didn’t know what to call this – technically it’s a nightstand valet – but how many of you would look that up on Pinterest? Not many I’m guessing. It is actually an iPhone stand / iPhone charging station if that’s a better term – and it’s really easy to make, and you still have […]

DIY Tie Rack – Great Gift Idea!

DIY Tie Rack, gifts for him, tie rack, easy tie rack, DIY jewelry rack, DIY jewellery rack, necklace holder

My husband is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. No matter what I get him, how ingenious I think I am, how carefully I select the ‘perfect’ item – he returns it…. even if it’s something he’s asked for. The call of a better price or a different colour will always find him, receipt in hand, back […]

Super-Easy DIY Magazine Rack

DIY magazine rack, scrap wood magazine rack, super-easy magazine rack

You’re going to love this one… no nails, no screws, no glue – just a few cuts and done! Check out my super-easy DIY magazine rack!   Super-easy DIY magazine rack 2 pieces 1/2″ plywood cut to 12″ by 21″  (30.5 x 53.3cm) marker/pencil speed square saw sander with sandpaper stain and varnish and/or paint […]

Teacher Gift Idea – get it now!

teacher gift, teacher gift ideas, coach's gift, gift wrap gift, wrapping paper gift, Innisbrook

Do you struggle to come up with gift ideas for teachers, coaches, neighbours etc? I do.  I want to show my gratitude for their efforts and let them know I appreciate them – but what do you get them that is worthy (and not too expensive)? If you surf Pinterest you will see TONS of […]

DIY Decorative Trays

Tutorial - DIY decorative trays, hexagonal trays, nesting trays

I made these decorative trays last week in preparation for end-of-school Teacher gifts – the first two were made entirely from scrap wood, and were meant to be prototypes, but the girls loved them so much they decided to give both the crappy and good versions to their teachers. I was worried this project was […]