Simple, freestanding pet gate

Pet gate, simple pet gate, freestanding pet gate, DIY pet gate

The success of this simple, freestanding pet gate will depend on your dog.  If you have a willful, no-fear dog – then they will likely charge this and topple it and think nothing of the loud bang. But, if you have a dog that doesn’t challenge visual barriers – like our Miss Lacey – this […]

Raised Dog Dish Stand

Raised dog dish, raised dog food stand, raised dog bowls

A $0 build made up of scrap pieces of wood and leftover paint, this raised dog dish stand can be customized to fit any dish with a lip and is sturdy enough for even the biggest dogs! Good morning friends! Popping in this morning with a quick and easy (not to be confused with cheap […]

DIY Doghouse – Keep your pets warm this winter

DIY Doghouse, doghouse building plans, how to build a doghouse, single roof doghouse, dog house

Looking for DIY doghouse plans for a larger breed dog?  This DIY dog house (with free building plans), is perfect for our Berner and would easily fit labs, golden retrievers and other breeds in the 100lb range. London has introduced new bi-laws where anyone caught leaving their dogs outside for an extended time in the […]

Make your own pet food stand

Pet food stand, raised pet food, raised pet feeder, dog bowl stand

Instead of spending a ton of money buying a raised pet feeder, make your own pet food stand with a few pieces of scrap wood! Most of the projects on this blog stem from a problem. Most times the problem is that I’m too broke to purchase the items I want lol. The problem I […]

Best Dog Ever! (a DIY photo frame)

Scrap wood frame, scrap wood project, best dog ever, easy photo frame, DIY photo frame, pet frame

I have the best dog ever. Actually, I’ve always had the best dog(s) ever – every single one of them – I’m using “Best” as a class, not a singular achievement. I mean, don’t we all have the best dog ever? Time to celebrate it – and use up a bit of scrap wood in […]

The BEST Dog Bed – you won’t believe it, but it’s true!

Dog bed, best dog bed, crib mattress dog bed, crib mattress pet bed, repurposed crib mattress, up cycled crib mattress

I’ve meant to share this post for about 3 years now and never have, but with Christmas just around the corner comes the urge to spoil your fur baby. Stores are showcasing pet clothes, toys, treats and beds with the same abundance that you’d find these things for your kids… I’m going to do you […]