A quick win with drawer organizers

drawer organizers

Whether you build them or buy them, drawer organizers can actually save you money… and this set cost less than the dollar store! January is coming to an end, and with that my major push for organization… there are only so many drawers and linen closets in this house. But what January purge would be […]

Freestanding coat rack with shelves

painting a coat rack

You don’t need to have a fancy mudroom or a lot of space to keep kids’ gear organized and tidy for back-to-school…  this freestanding coat rack with shelves (I’m so excited about the shelves) offers a lot of storage on a very small footprint and the best part is you can build it really inexpensively […]

Scrap Wood Wine Rack

DIY wine rack, scrap wood wine rack, small wine rack, wine rack

Four pieces of scrap wood are all you need to build this small wine rack – perfect for holding up to 7 bottles of your favourite red (or white). I’m starting out the New Year with a wish list of projects that is almost overwhelming.  The problem isn’t any one project in particular, it’s the […]

How to keep track of paint colors

How to keep track of paint colors, How to keep track of paint colours, keep track of paint colours, keep track of house colors

This is a simple and inexpensive way to keep track of paint colors in your home – so you can shop with confidence, touch-up with ease and give an accurate colour name to friends that comment “I love your walls!” I’m switching back and forth between the Canadian/English “colour” and the American “color” so that […]

Clearing Clutter – 100 things you can get rid of right now

100 Things You Can Get Rid of Right Now - printable checklist

*Repost from 02/07/15 But great ideas are always in style! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a “100 List” and my friend (Amazing Amy) pointed out that since it’s the meme of the blog – perhaps it was time to post another one. We’re post-Christmas, pre-Spring-cleaning, so the focus shifts to clearing clutter from your […]

Storage & Organizing Solutions for Kids Toys

Storage & organizing solutions for kids toys

I’ve mentioned before how much Miss Madison loves Littlest Pet Shop toys. Not the current ones that are easily available in stores and online, but the limited edition, not-in-production, impossible-to-find, pay-way-too-much-on-ebay and hope-for-luck-at-garage-sales kind. As much as I joke about these toys, I’m sure your child/children have their own collections of books or toys that […]