Whether you build them or buy them, drawer organizers can actually save you money… and this set cost less than the dollar store!

January is coming to an end, and with that my major push for organization… there are only so many drawers and linen closets in this house.

But what January purge would be complete without tackling the junk drawer?

junk drawer before

It really wasn’t awful;  Ex had built me some MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) dividers years ago and they’ve held up well for the most part.  A few glued areas had come loose though and like everything, I was looking for an improved system.

I found this set of 20 acrylic drawer organizers on Amazon for $19.97 US/ $29.87 CDN as at the time of posting. (Amazon affiliate link – see affiliate disclosure at the bottom of the page)

I grabbed two sets because I could easily find enough drawers that needed organizing. This set came with 6 small, 7 medium, 5 large, 1 extra-large and one they call XXL. With this variation in sizes they could be customized to fit almost any size drawer in the house.

Even in Canadian pricing, these rang in at less than the ones I’d been scoping at the Dollarama.



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Once I threw out the old candles (with crusty birthday cake still on the bottoms), and a few of the 1,000 pens I had in the drawer, I was left with this:

organized junk drawer

I totally forgot I had hot tub test strips in there!

Between that and finding both of my garage door openers, these little drawer organizers paid for themselves!

PLUS I had a ton leftover so I could tackle the can opener drawer:

drawer organizers

and the one I’m most pleased with; the cutlery drawer:

cutlery drawer

We put the cutlery organizer in back in 2005 – before I knew how to cut plastic smoothly (see the sides). 

It had yellowed a bit and the knives had worked a hole in the back of that section.

cutlery organization

Look at my cutlery drawer now with a set of the drawer organizers!

cutlery drawer

It’s tight, but between that and the little rubber stoppers the bins come with, they don’t slide around all over the drawer.

drawer organizers

Even my teenagers – who don’t clean or organize anything – commented at how great they looked and worked!

Did I mention that these drawer organizers came in at LESS than the dollar store would have?  I picked up 2 sets and finished these three drawers and still had leftovers that my girls *say they’ll use to organize their bathroom drawers.

drawer organizers

drawer organizers

Love it for looks, love it for easy cleaning, LOVE IT for organizing!

These will work in desk drawers and bathroom drawers because they aren’t very deep at 2″ (5cm).  They aren’t big enough to hold cleaning products or anything much wider than granola bars, so you’d want a larger set for those uses.

I’ll include some options for those here:




Is it weird that I like opening my cutlery drawer to see the gorgeousness? lol

Yes, but I’ll throw out “endearingly weird”. lol

Go organize something and have a great one!