Compound mitre trays for Dummies

Compound mitre tray, compound-mitre tray

If angles and bevels get you all flustered and frustrated, fear no more! I have an almost fool-proof method for making compound mitre trays!  Hint: there is almost no thinking involved! There has been one project that I have wanted to do for YEARS, but just couldn’t get my head around it. I watched the […]

DIY Round tray from a concrete form

Round tray, round serving tray, DIY round tray, make your own circular tray, concrete form ideas

Hey 100T2D readers! I’ve got a GREAT project for you today, and a sneak peek at another great project that I’m showcasing over on House of Wood later this week: I figured out how to make a DIY round tray from a concrete form!!! You can use Concrete Forms to make different things, and there […]

Watermelon Serving Tray / Watermelon Lazy-Susan

Watermelon Lazy-Susan / Watermelon serving tray

This watermelon serving tray / watermelon lazy-suzan was actually the first watermelon item I painted – but when I photographed it with the glasses on it, it seemed like I needed to show the mason jars before I showed the completed project. So today I have a fun, easy, garage-sale kind of craft for you – […]