This watermelon serving tray / watermelon lazy-suzan was actually the first watermelon item I painted – but when I photographed it with the glasses on it, it seemed like I needed to show the mason jars before I showed the completed project.

So today I have a fun, easy, garage-sale kind of craft for you – today is lazy-susan day!

I’d seen these trays on Pinterest (click images to link to the original posts):

Lime serving tray / Lime slice lazy-susan

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watermelon serving tray / orange slice serving tray
(Love the spoon handles!)

Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Just so happens I had an old lazy-susan in the basement that needed a summer face lift.

Watermelon Lazy-Susan / Watermelon serving tray

I did a light sanding over the entire surface to rough up the finish a bit so the paint would adhere better and then I started with my watermelon pink:

Watermelon Lazy-Susan / Watermelon serving tray

Having made this, I will suggest to you to start with the green first.  You can make this whichever way you like, but if I were to do it again, I’d start with the green around the edges, leave a small gap and then put the pink in the middle.  The gap will get filled in later with your white.

Watermelon Lazy-Susan / Watermelon serving tray

I bought tester pots of outdoor paint for this because this watermelon lazy-susan / Watermelon serving tray will primarily be used on the patio.  I did however, use a bit of dollar store craft paint for the darker green stripes around the edges.  If you coat this with an outdoor polyurethane afterwards, the craft paint should be as protected as the outdoor paint.

Watermelon Lazy-Susan / Watermelon serving tray

I used the eraser end of a pencil to dot a dark, dark grey on for the seeds, and then pulled the paint out to create little tear shapes.  Did you know that watermelons don’t have seeds all they way into the centre?  Neither did I until I Googled images, and it seems the seeds stop short of the core.

I applied two coats of outdoor polyurethane to protect the surfaces from water and sun and sanded lightly between coats.

Watermelon Lazy-Susan / Watermelon serving tray

It’s so cute, I could die!

Watermelon Lazy-Susan / Watermelon serving tray

Because this watermelon lazy-susan / watermelon serving tray already had edges in place, I didn’t need to add handles – it can be used as a lazy-suzan and/or as a serving tray.

I am so crazy about that gorgeous pink colour!

Watermelon Lazy-Susan / Watermelon serving tray

No great artistic skill required – just a paintbrush, a couple/few tester pots of outdoor paint and a little piece of sandpaper and you are laughing.

The lime (first photo) is a bit more involved – I’ll have to work my way up to the subtle shadings and details.

For now my bucket runneth over, and my watermelon lemonade is calling my name.

Watermelon Lazy-Susan / Watermelon serving tray

Have a great one!



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