T-Shirt Pillow Covers

So the other day you saw my throw pillow collection, or at least part of it.  Well, the other side of that problem is my throw pillow cover collection.

At roughly $30 per throw pillow, keeping up with Seasonal themes can get really expensive!  But I purposely painted my house grey so that I could inject a shot of just about any colour at any time to keep things fresh and lively… so I created my middle ground.

Easy-sew throw pillow covers.

My previous […]

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“Who Needs Santa” wood gift pile

Just a quick pop-in today with a super-easy and very cute DIY – the “Who needs Santa…” gift pile, made from 2×2 pieces of scrap wood.

I cut four pieces of 2×2 wood to lengths of 8″, 6″, 4″ and 2″, gave them a light sanding and then painted them in Christmas colours using inexpensive craft paint from the dollar store.

Who needs Santa wood gifts, wood gift pile, scrap wood Christmas gift, Christmas gift idea, [...]
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No Soliciting Sign

Do you feel guilty when people come to your door selling things?  Whether it be fundraisers, window cleaning, Artists trying to fund their work or some walk/run/jog/fart-athon, I always feel guilty saying “no”.

Everyone has a cause, and every cause has some value, and going door-to-door is a shitty way to spend a day – I mean, I couldn’t handle that much rejection – so I feel badly being another one of the thousand others that says “No thank you” and […]

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Slate Cheese Board / Slate Cheese Tray

If your backyard get togethers are more wine-and-cheese than hot dogs-and-lemonade, this project will fit the bill.  This slate cheese board / slate cheese tray was made from an old roof tile and some etching cream!


  • roof slate – can usually be found on Kijiji or Craig’s List – the more rustic, the better.
  • two handles
  • stencil of your wording and/or image
  • glass etching cream and applicator brush
  • sandpaper
  • drill and concrete drill bit
  • food-safe mineral oil (optional)

(Note – the glass etching cream […]

Make Your Own Farmhouse-Style Signs

In case you didn’t read yesterday’s post, I’ll recap:

This gallery wall is what I’m trying to make (for a friend, so you won’t see my name in there):

Farmhouse style gallery wall

Yesterday I showed how I made all of the individual scrabble tiles and today I’m going to show you how I made the antiqued / rustic / farmhouse signs.

You’ll notice that the signs all have a dark undertone and a white […]

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Autumn Decor

I know, I know… it’s WAAAAAAY too early to be ushering in Fall.

I hear ya’, but those pesky bloggers out there are already decorating their mantles and prepping their Hallowe’en crafts as I type.  Heck, Costco already has Christmas decor out – so I’ve gotta jump on this band wagon and give you something you can create with enough time to complete the project and get your ‘deco-on’ – I don’t want to leave you hanging with no Autumn decor when September […]

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Ideas for home decor – painted globe

I was at Dollarama a couple of weeks ago restocking my stash of chocolate bars looking for new and inexpensive craft ideas, when I came across these little plastic globes.  They’re only about 8″ tall, and I think they were about $2 each.

Painted globe, globe decor, dollar store decor, repurposed globe

(You don’t need to adjust your screen, I’ve been working on a  big project in the garage without drop cloths – […]

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Silhouette Cards

I finally caved (and blew the budget) and bought a Silhouette Cameo.
I’ve been using a friend’s old one, but it was starting to stall on me, and I wanted to be able to make larger pieces, so I justified it as a belated birthday gift.

Since Maddie needed some thank you cards for her […]

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Pet Food Labels

As you may have guessed, I’m an animal lover.

My fur-babies are (very nearly) as precious to me as my real babies.

So when I saw these storage canisters at Ballard Designs, I immediately wanted them.

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Itching for Glass Etching

I’ve been eyeballing some etched glass dishes on Pinterest for some time now, but haven’t moved to make one myself.

via Pinterest
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