10 DIY Furniture Projects for Beginners

If you’re looking to add some new pieces to your current decor, but don’t have the budget for big-box stores, make your own with these 10 DIY furniture projects for beginners.

My formal carpentry training consists of wood shop in grades 7 and 8 – and while that is two years of pretty intensive hands-on experience (amounting to about 1 hour per week), I’d hardly say it puts me in anything more than a beginner class when it comes to building.

One […]

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Throw Pillow Storage / DIY Rope Shelves

I’m so excited to show off today’s DIY throw pillow storage solution – mainly because it’s both pretty and functional – but ESPECIALLY because it’s so easy and what an impact!

Remember this corner of my basement?

I made up the paper art piece to try to fill a gap above our workout storage unit (formerly TV stand that I haven’t moved out of the room yet) – but it wasn’t enough.  Not big enough, no impact – just sort of stop-gap […]

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