Classroom Valentines

February 1st, 2018|HOLIDAYS, KIDS|

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Have you bought/made Valentines for your kids’ classrooms yet?

I received an email from Minted the other day and I had to share the adorable custom classroom Valentines they are promoting this year:

Classroom Valentines, Valentine's Day cards, Valentine's for kids, Minted Valentine's

Classroom Valentines, Valentine's Day cards, Valentine's for kids, Minted Valentine's

T-Shirt Pillow Covers


So the other day you saw my throw pillow collection, or at least part of it.  Well, the other side of that problem is my throw pillow cover collection.

At roughly $30 per throw pillow, keeping up with Seasonal themes can get really expensive!  But I purposely painted my house grey so that I could inject a shot of just about any colour at any time to keep things fresh and lively… so I created my middle ground.

Easy-sew throw pillow covers.

My previous […]

Valentine’s Decor – Scrap Wood Hearts

January 20th, 2016|BUILD IT, DECOR, DIY, HOLIDAYS|

Are you sick of Valentine’s posts yet?

I’m sorry.

As a blogger, I have to get content up early in order to give readers a chance to pin, share and attempt to make projects well before the actual holiday. If I put these up the day before Valentine’s, they wouldn’t reach as many people and it wouldn’t give you enough time to try them out….

so as annoying as acknowledging Valentine’s Day in January is – I’m doing it with your interests at […]

Valentine Door Hanger


Well, tomorrow is the “big” day.

The day Cupid’s arrows fly strong and true, and you get to tell everyone you love… just how much you do.

Granted, that should happen everyday, but tomorrow it will be enveloped in chocolate or flowers – and that’s a pretty nice way to be told you’re loved.

We don’t really do anything big on Valentine’s Day.  Treats are sent to school for class parties, the girls write Valentine cards to their classmates and I give Hubby an […]

Valentine’s Day Craft – easy banner

February 8th, 2015|CRAFTS, HOLIDAYS|

I probably should have put this up last week so that if you decided to make it, you would have been able to enjoy it for longer than just the week leading up to Valentine’s.  (sorry about that) BUT – it is super-simple and takes less than 30 minutes start to finish – so you could make it today and have a decoration up in minutes!

Work with whatever paper you have – there’s no special measurements here – having written that, […]

Valentine’s Day Cards – free printable for kids!


I’m ahead of the game!

I’m almost NEVER ahead of the game.

I’m planning 10,000 Christmas crafts to be done in the two weeks leading up to Christmas.  Same with Easter, and Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s…

not this time ladies!

I’ve got my kid’s Valentines already designed and ready […]

Twister Sheets

December 9th, 2013|GIFT IDEAS, GIFTS|

Have I got your attention?

That was gratuitous – I knew mixing “Twister” and “Sheets” would grab you.

This all started because Hubby is impossible to buy for.

He’s so picky it’s ridonkulous.