Use scrap bits of wood and some watered-down craft paint to add a touch of whimsy to your Valentine’s decor with these wooden hearts.

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

I don’t really – Christmas is my jam – but tucking a heart here or there isn’t too burdensome and acknowledges the day.

Today was about playing with my Rockwell Blade Runner X2 again.  I use it all the time, but usually as part of a larger project where I’ve used other saws as well. Today it’s all about Rockwell/WORX start to finish.  (Amazon affiliate link.  For full affiliate disclosure, please see bottom of the page)

All you need to create these cute Valentine’s decor pieces is some scrap paper, scrap wood, a pair of scissors, some craft paint (diluted with water), sandpaper and your Bladerunner or a jigsaw.

Cut your paper down to the size of your scrap wood piece and then fold in half.  Cut out your heart shape and trace onto your scrap wood.

DIY Valentine's Decor - scrap wood hearts

I wanted my wooden hearts to stand on their own, so using up scrap 2 x 6’s gave the perfect thickness for a sturdy base.

Scrap Wood Hearts - 2

I curved and swerved with my Bladerunner X2 and voila!

Just a sidenote, this table saw will also cut through metal, so you could actually create these from aluminum sheets as well.  I’m envisioning a metal door hanger sort of thing – something that will rust and patina over time.

Yup, another item added to my to-do list.

Scrap Wood Hearts - 3

I gave my sweet wooden hearts a good sanding with 60, 120 and 180 grit sandpaper and then cut the base off of the tallest one so it would stand upright.

It was a total fluke (#happyaccident) that these fit together so nicely – but aren’t they cute?

Scrap Wood Hearts - 4

I watered down some craft paint and applied it with a small paintbrush, quickly wiping any excess off to give it a sort of white-washed (red-washed, pink-washed) look.

Scrap Wood Hearts - 5

If you want to add a bit of shine to your Valentine’s wooden hearts, a very light coating of clear gloss spray paint will do the trick.

Scrap Wood Hearts - 6

Spread them out, or overlap them together – totally adorable either way.

Scrap Wood Hearts - 7

I like these wooden hearts individually too.  This tall guy is whimsical and fun!

Scrap Wood Hearts - 8

It doesn’t hurt at all that I staged the shot with mint smoothies and cinnamon hearts either…

pretty sure I’d try any DIY that featured chocolate and candy as props. lol

Scrap Wood Hearts - P

Just a quickie project that doesn’t take much effort and uses up bits from your scrap pile.

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Wooden hearts, scrap wood hearts

Have a great one!