We have a tradition in our neighbourhood – it’s called “Boo’ing” and happens every October.

Someone usually starts it around October 1st by dropping little Hallowe’en treats at two neighbours’ doors.

Then you ring and run!  

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The treats don’t amount to much more than stickers, candies, small decorations and other small items from the Dollarama.
I’m guessing each gift bag comes in at <$5….
but you’ll get a million dollar smile from the kids that receive the surprise.

It’s a snowball game.  One person starts with two houses and then those two “Boo” two and on and on.

Once your house has been “Boo’d”, you put a sign up in your window so that other prospective ghosts don’t hit the same house twice.

By the time Hallowe’en arrives, every child in the neighbourhood (and beyond) will have received a treat from a secret ghost.

Last night my little Ghosts “Boo’d” two friends with little bags filled with all the ingredients needed to make caramel apples.

It’s a wonderful way to create community.

Your hamster died. He fell asleep at the wheel. 
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