I’m not just titling this article “The best leaf mulcher” for SEO – this leaf mulcher has been voted the best in class by Bob Vila, Popular Mechanic, Old House Online – and I’m pretty sure anyone else that has had the opportunity to try it.

*This is a sponsored post.  I was provided with WORX yard tools in exchange for my honest review.

I introduce you to my new yard-baby – the 13 amp Electric Leaf Mulcher from WORX.

Yes, I know I promo WORX a fair amount, but it’s only because they put out the best yard tools in the business.  In this case, I approached them about a few products I’d been curious about – so the instigator was entirely me.

WORX 13 amp electric leaf mulcher

This 20lb wonder is put together in less than 5 minutes with no tools required, compacts down for easy storage, and can be set up to use plastic yard bags, paper yard bags or can be placed over a garbage bin.

So that I could demonstrate the mulching ability, I hung a clear bag on the sturdy aluminum frame.  It does come with a ring to hold paper yard bags, but then you wouldn’t be able to see it mulch up 53 gallons of leaves per minute.

WORX 13 amp electric leaf mulcher

I had done a first rake of my yard prior to yard waste collection week, so this is the bag that I started with:

yard waste bag of raked leaves

The bags had been out in the rain the night before so the contents were damp, but not sopping wet.  The mulcher works best with dry leaves, but if I’m putting something to the test, I really want to test it right?

I should mention that I’m cheap when it comes to yard bags – I don’t half-fill.  This bag is FULL of leaves and pine needles, compressed down and then filled two more times with compression.

You don’t have to bag first, you can just rake into a pile and then drop your leaves in – which is what I’ll do for my second clean-up of the season.

running leaves through the WORX leaf mulcher


A photo doesn’t due the WORX Leaf Mulcher justice – so check this out:



The WORX electric leaf mulcher is a bladeless yard tool; it uses Flex-a-line technology; very similar to weed-eater/whipper snipper thread, and can work continuously without clogging or overheating.

You will need protective eyewear and a mask is suggested (highly recommended actually, since I ate a mouthful of overspray)

The result?

mulched leaves

That packed-full yard bag has been mulched down to 1/3 the quantity!

WORX Leaf Mulcher, best leaf mulcher

Why do I/you care?

  1.  mulched leaves can be spread on garden beds to protect ground plants, and discourage weed germination over the winter.
  2. the fine mulch is easily combined with the soil in the Spring to give you a natural, and nutrient-rich, compost for your garden
  3. I was able to cut my yard bag budget down by 1/3 or more
  4. finely mulched leaves can be spread on your lawn for a nitrogen-rich fertilizer
  5. I don’t really like lugging dozens of bags to the curb

yard bags

I took three of my FULL yard waste bags and ran the leaves through the WORX 13 amp electric leaf mulcher and ended up with a single bag of mulch.

WORX Leaf Mulcher, best leaf mulcher

Did I mention that the WORX 13 amp electric leaf mulcher comes with a 3 year warranty?


WORX Leaf Mulcher, best leaf mulcher

Okay, so I’m a fan of anything WORX puts out for yard and garden….  but if you don’t believe me – see what the “big boys” are saying!

WORX 13 amp electric leaf mulcher

Yard clean-up doesn’t end in December folks, any leaves left on your neighbour’s lawns will certainly make their way to yours by the time Spring comes.  Pick up your WORX leaf mulcher as soon as possible and set your yard (and yourself) up for landscape success all year!

Have a great one!