I know, you think I’m exaggerating, but if you have an appreciation for a savoury sausage roll with a perfectly flakey crust – then these will blow your mind and you’ll erase all other sausage roll recipes from your mind.

I can’t take credit though – Chris made these.

Chris made dozens upon dozens of these.

And I ate them all.

Okay, I shared about a half dozen with the girls, but for the most part all of them ended up in my ever-expanding stomach.

Best sausage rolls in the history of the universe


  1. Mix the bulk sausage, 2 eggs and Italian breadcrumbs together until well combined.     mix together sausage, egg and Italian breadcrumbs
  2. Roll out your pastry to approximately 1/8 – ¼” thickness.   Tenderflake pastry 
  3. Place a thin line of sausage near the edge of your pastry, then roll the pastry over top and cut off the excess with a pizza cutter.   making sausage rolls
  4. Pinch the edge of the overlapping pastry together and cut the sausage roll into 1 ½” pieces.     making sausage rolls
  5. Beat your last egg and combine it with the water to make a glaze for brushing over the pastry.  Chris made slices in the pastry and then brushed the egg over top to give that golden baked look.     making sausage rolls
  6. Bake at 425° for ~15 – 18 minutes, or until golden brown.


freshly baked sausage rolls

OH. MY. GOD!  These are SO GOOD!!

Seriously, fresh from the oven, cold from the fridge and even reheated (for 15 seconds in the microwave) and these are still the best sausage rolls in the universe!

Sausage rolls, best sausage rolls

Look at that pastry!  Light, airy, golden brown and the perfect amount of flakey over the savoury sausage – heaven!

I prefer my sausage rolls as they are, but Chris likes to dip them in barbecue sauce, or a plum sauce.

Sausage rolls, best sausage rolls

I’m thinking a mustard might be nice too?

Sausage rolls, best sausage rolls

I know everyone is in lockdown right now, so you don’t need appetizers for guests or parties – but we’ve been snacking on these as lunch, or a post-dinner snack.

Quick and easy from the fridge and into your tummy – what more could you ask for over the Holiday break?

Sausage rolls, best sausage rolls

I’m salivating looking at the photos, and I was munching on more than a few while I wrote! lol

You’ll see, my description of “best sausage rolls in the history of the universe” is completely accurate and appropriate.

Thank you Chris for the deliciousness – and sharing your recipe.  Anytime you need a lab rat to taste-test your creations; I’ve got your back!  XO

Have a great one!



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