Creamy, tangy and absolutely addictive potato salad

Potato salad, creamy potato salad, potato salad recipe

Tired of bland and boring potato salad?  This recipe takes this summer favourite to a whole new level – creamy, tangy, and absolutely addictive, this will be your go-to recipe for potato salad from here on out! Good morning folks! Stopping in with another recipe that I want to be able to access anytime, anywhere […]

Starbucks Oat Bars (a knock-off that’s as-good, if not better!)

Starbucks oat bars

Looking for a delectable treat from Starbie’s, but the thought of paying $5 for a square makes your ass clench?  Today I’m sharing the recipe for Starbucks Oat Bars (or a VERY close knock-off) that will satisfy your craving AND give you a dozen for the same price!   I’m not a food blogger, I […]

Irresistible candied nuts (use whatever nuts you want!)

Candied nuts

Looking for a sweet treat to nibble away on?  Or perhaps give as gifts to friends and neighbours?  These delicious candied nuts take 6 ingredients and less than an hour to whip up. Valentine’s tomorrow, and Super Bowl was yesterday – so I’m sneaking in with a quick Valentine’s Day treat you can make right […]

Shakeology protein balls

Shakeology protein balls

Since I’m not a food blogger, I’m not going to ramble on and on and make you scroll endlessly to get the recipe for these scrumptious chocolate Shakeology protein balls. I will add one more line here to say they are absolutely DELICIOUS and you really need to try them if you are any kind […]

Aunty Edie’s Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Aunty Edie's homemade spaghetti sauce

This is the super-secret recipe – long sought after by… me – for the best homemade spaghetti sauce you will ever taste! I know you guys don’t come to the blog for recipes, and I fully admit to being a less-than-stellar cook, but when I find something good – like SO GOOD! – I want […]

The best sausage rolls in the history of the universe

Sausage rolls, best sausage rolls

I know, you think I’m exaggerating, but if you have an appreciation for a savoury sausage roll with a perfectly flakey crust – then these will blow your mind and you’ll erase all other sausage roll recipes from your mind. I can’t take credit though – Chris made these. Chris made dozens upon dozens of […]

Oreo truffles

Oreo truffles

If your Holidays didn’t include Oreo truffles, then you really need to whip up a batch for New Year’s… these treats are rich, creamy, sweet and completely decadent. I hope everyone had a safe and healthy Christmas Day? I know 2020 has been the shits, and the Holidays this year looked considerably different than anytime […]