Charcuterie boards and boxes have taken the internet by storm!  Beautiful displays, delicious contents and a fantastic gift idea – I decided to make my own candy boxes / candy charcuterie gifts.

Oh my gosh guys!

This post came about in such a round about way, and even now keeps evolving with ideas!

I’ll go step by step:

  1. I follow a local Instagram page called Moms of London Ontario (@moms_of_ldnont) and it has lead me to a TON of new and local businesses in my area.  Two of which is Cravings Creative and Blissful Nibbles (charcuterie boxes).  I’ve purchased from both businesses and can’t rave about them highly enough!  When I needed Father’s Day treats or birthday deliveries (and no stores were open due to Covid), these ladies knocked it out of the park with decadent meats, cheeses, fresh fruits, baked goods and a few treats in a cake-sized box.
  2. Following these pages lead me to The Sweet Tooth.XO (@thesweethtooth.xo).  Ella is 12 years old and has started her own business of selling candy boxes!  (Candy charcuterie?). BRILLIANT!  Seriously – I don’t know this person, but I am so proud of her for starting her own business to fill a niche I hadn’t seen before.  I contacted Ella about getting a few of her candy boxes as gifts for a couple of my friends’ kids – unfortunately, the timing was off and I couldn’t pick up in time.    Did I mention she’s only 12?!!
  3. SO, I had an event (Christmas in July) where I needed some small treats for the kids, but I couldn’t make things work with Ella, so I had to improvise.  Again, stores were still closed due to Covid and Amazon seems so overdone anymore.

THIS is what I came up with:

candy box, candy charcuterie, goodie box

Bulk food to the rescue!  I picked up chocolate covered marshmallows, yogurt pretzels, popping candy, gummy worms, OMG’s, Jolly Ranchers, sour belts, and Ring Pops.

I layered the goodies into a 5″ window box (also available at my Bulk store) and came up with this adorable candy charcuterie!


candy box, candy charcuterie, goodie box

More than a few items didn’t make it into the candy box, but I overbought knowing the limitations of my self-control.

I actually have no self-control folks…  I shop like my parents are gone for the weekend. 😂

yogurt covered pretzels

These candy boxes can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you’d like.  You can buy candy at the dollar store, or grocery store and as much or as little as you like.

candy box, candy charcuterie, goodie box

I calculated that mine came in around $15 per box – including the box itself (so you are far better to order with Sweet Tooth.xo if you are in the London area), but mine were fun to make and were doable in a pinch.

candy box, candy charcuterie, goodie box

Need goodie bags for a birthday party?  These boxes come in smaller sizes, even a version that looks like Chinese takeout boxes, so you can tuck a few treats in and send the kiddos on their way after the party is over.

candy box, candy charcuterie, goodie box

I was planning on packing a couple to take to the cottage last week.  Just some grab & go treats that the kids could munch on between meals.  I also think these candy boxes would be an awesome care package to send with kids headed off to camp!  Talk about making friends on the very first day! 😂

candy box, candy charcuterie, goodie box

Okay, so now that I’ve shared my DIY version of candy charcuterie boxes, let me show you what I found online while searching for the correct SEO title for this blog post:

Modern Honey details the grocery list and how to make this heavenly chocolate dessert charcuterie board.  

chocolate dessert board

I am making one and I may or may not invite people over to indulge with me. 😂

Busbee Style is showing off a movie charcuterie board / candy charcuterie.  Likely 1/100th of the price of movie theatre treats and guaranteed to make any family night a special event.

candy charcuterie, candy box, movie night treats

There are a million ideas on Pinterest – check out my new Pinterest board for drool-worthy inspiration – but what if you need a gift-to-go?

That’s where candy boxes come in!  The same delicious display, in a deliverable package! 

Cool Mom Picks has an idea list for the coolest gift ideas for teens, on it was this adorable candy box.

Sweet 16!!  Brilliant!

candy box, candy charcuterie

I’m not sure what language ArchZine is in, but they had me at ice cream charcuterie box:

candy box, candy charcuterie, ice cream charcuteries box

I won’t inundate you with anymore diet-breakers, but if you are looking for ideas and inspiration – check out my Charcuterie board on Pinterest… I couldn’t stop myself!

Follow the local charcuterie ladies (including Ella) – links above – in Instagram.  They promise a daily dose of delicious ideas as well!

Figures I’d find all of this awesomeness the day after I start my keto diet. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Have a great one!