It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a gadgets article hasn’t it? Those neat items that while generally unnecessary, sure would be fun to have. (forgive me Mari Kondo – I know it’s clutter).

I’ve rounded up a few favourite gizmos and gadgets from my wishlist to share with you and you can see more cool stuff here – it’s a bit early for Mother’s Day gifts, but pin now and save for later.

Personal Embosser

Book Embosser

I don’t buy a lot of books but when I do, I usually pass them along to others to read and hope that they will pass it forward as well. I guess it’s sort of selfish to emboss a book that you are just passing along – a plea for attention maybe – but nonetheless, this really strikes my fancy. Maybe I could get one and then emboss the books at the library and claim that they were mine – as an attempt to avoid late fees? Totally joking – please don’t emboss library books – at least not with my name.

Electric Drive for your Bike

Electric drive for your bike - gadgets I need

Yup, I am this lazy.

Actually, I’m not entirely lazy, I’d totally pedal going downhill, this electric drive would just be for those uphill treks. Who am I kidding – I don’t ride my bike.

Adjustable Wood Rolling Pin
Adjustable rolling pin - gadget

I needed one of these so badly over the Holidays – my cookie dough was either too thick or too thin which meant it either burned or was slightly raw when I cooked it. I ate all of the cookies regardless, but it was still pretty frustrating. This one has the added bonus of having measurements right on the roll itself – so you can make your pie crust to exactly the diameter you want. Into the shopping cart that goes….

Magic Butter Spreader

Magic butter spreader - gadgets I need

This might have been on my last gadgets listing, but I never did get around to purchasing and I really should. My butter is hard as a rock, even if I leave it out on the counter, and I hate when my bread or toast gets all torn up and clumpy. (Yes, I know, “first-world problems”) This bad boy has the added features of grating and curling as well! Not sure when I’d need to curl butter, but it’s a nice add-on.

Silicone Bread Maker

Silicone Bread Maker - gadgets I need

Look out Subway! There’s a new bread Momma in town! Or there will be once I buy a few of these, and some yeast and then take the time to make the breads in the photo and bake them… Yeah, the thought is fantastic – but unless it comes with someone to do the rest of the work I’ll probably just stick to store-bought.

Coffee/Tea Scoop & Clip

Coffee scoop and clip - gadgets I need

Of course! Scoop your coffee or tea and then clip the bag closed to keep everything fresh! Brilliant! Thinking about it though… I could just crazy glue a clothes pin to a dollar store spoon and have the same thing? Now I’m torn, do I try it and make another blog post about how to create your own, or do I endorse that this one looks much better than mine probably would?


Sliderunner - gadgets I need

This bad boy is still in concept stage (as of the date of this posting) but there is word that it might be something Mattel is interested in (fingers crossed). I think it’s fantastic – but I do have a couple of concerns; what if your stairs switch back? Would you have to buy two sliderunners? And what do you do in the landing section between staircases – just hit the wall and hope to keep all of your teeth? Hmmm – still worth it though. In fact, I’m pretty sure I had something similar when I was a kid – except mine was white and filled with feathers. We called it a “pillow” way-back-when, but I can see that this would be far superior.

iPhone Case with Tape Measure

iPhone case with tape measure - gadgets I need

Are you KIDDING me?! Are YOU kidding ME?! Yes! sign me up – I 100% need an iPhone case with a semi-rigid tape measure inside! Anything semi-rigid is a big thumbs up! This is fantastic! What’s that, it doesn’t keep track of the measurements that you use it to measure – you have to MANUALLY enter them? Damn it! I guess I’ll have to keep using the pointer finger-to-boob measurement tool I utilize currently. Come on DeWalt – you can ramp this up one more notch – I have faith!

Suitcase Luggage Scooter

Luggage scooter - gadgets I need

Words escape me. Look at how happy this man is! He’s happy because he has the uber-incredible luggage scooter so he can weave in and out of all those airport slowpokes that linger and dawdle around. I can totally envision myself whipping in and out of anxiety-filled travellers to get to my waiting point – where I’d have to sit and wait. Think there are any exceptions on riding this thing through security as well? If I took of my shoes off first I mean?

Sigmo Universal Translator

Universal translator - gadgets I need

That’s the wonder device right on his chest; a pendant sized gadget that will translate complete phrases in seconds (to the best of Google Translate’s ability). Simply speak into the device and it will provide you with a translation to the language of your choice. No more pointing at your crotch and crossing your legs to indicate ‘bathroom’. No more invisible glass being poured into your mouth to get a drink. No more feeling left out at the nail salon. I wonder if there is an option for “teen” or “slang” – then it would be REALLY helpful. Sigma (no link available) count me in for version 2.0 Mom-to-kid translator, and certainly count me in for 2.1 “Husbandish” so I know WTF he’s talking about as well.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbells - gadgets I need

An entire gym in one neat little package! These dumbbells adjust from 5 to 52.5lbs with just a click of the dial. These are definitely on my wish list to go along with the other 6 sets of dust-covered dumbbells I have sitting in my basement. With these sitting out, I’d really look like I was thinking about working out! As a bonus, for an extra paycheque, you can get the stand to set them in…. you know, so you don’t actually have to bend and lift them up.

Button Stapler

Button Stapler - gadgets I need

OMG! Where was this beauty when the button right at centre bosom popped off and I had to go to a meeting? Sure, the extra cleavage may have helped close the deal, but the blown out button on the pants was just overkill. This little beauty (once it’s developed) will definitely be on my gadgets wish-list and will find a permanent home in my purse. Do you think they have a prototype for a gadget that can stitch up butt-seams on pants? Staples are wrong for so many reasons.


There you have it – my current wish list. While I made fun of most of them, I really do have them pinned on my “tech savvy” Pinterest board as wanna-haves…. maybe they aren’t all tech savvy by definition, but keep in mind this wish list was created by someone that truly would staple her pants back together.

Have a great one!


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    1. Yup, all those brilliant minds keep me shopping! Lol. Butter knife is on its way to me now – I’ll let you know if it’s as good as it seems. Thanks for taking the time to comment!