It’s been awhile since I’ve showed off my fur-babies hasn’t it?

These are the little monsters munchkins that keep me company all day and night (whether I like it or not.)

First we have Miss Lacey – our 3 year-old Bernese Mountain dog:

Bernese Mountain Dog, Lacey

Look at that face!  This is the face that is by my side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… which is occasionally too much (like when I’m in the bathroom).  She is a gentle soul, timid and sweet and motivated by love over food.  I’d be lost without her.

Next up we have Otis:

Orange tabby, Otis

Otis is a lot of things; he’s uber-affectionate, a bit rough at times (he has actually mounted poor Lacey once or twice), he purrs like a freight train and he demands what he wants, when he wants it – by meowing until we break, or walking in front of our feet until we trip, or by chewing on cords (he KNOWS as soon as we hear cords being chewed we jump).  A bit of a pain – but my main meatball-man nonetheless.

Then we have Phoebe:

Cat scratcher, cat scratch, orange tabby, Phoebe

Nope, couldn’t get a clear shot of Phoebe.

Phoebe is a tiny (8lb) orange tabby with skittish tendencies.  Her purr is so quiet you can barely hear it, she never meows, but given the chance will sleep belly-up in your arms.  She’s our little polka-dot.

Our little polka-dot with a few problems – you see, poor little Phoebe has allergies.

Pretty severe allergies and we’ve tried just about everything we can to figure out what she’s allergic to.  Her food has been changed several times and it’s to the point that she has to get a steroid shot every 6 months or she will scratch herself to bleeding – particularly around her eyes.

While these shots aren’t ideal for any animal, they do help her survive her allergies with her eyes, fur and skin still intact – so we choose our battles.

To help her out a bit though, I decided to give her a cat scratcher that she can rub up against for some relief.

Cat scratcher, cat scratch, orange tabby, Phoebe

I found this video of the happiest cat in the universe and decided to give the cat scratcher idea a go.

I used an old scrub brush, cut in half, and then I screwed it directly to the leg of our desk.

I sprinkled it with catnip to get her interest and voilà!

Cat scratcher, cat scratch, orange tabby, Phoebe

She may be a tad “catnip stoned” in this photo, but she does return to the cat scratcher time and time again.

A simple project that can be done in minutes to make your cat as happy as the one in the video. lol

That’s it.

Those are my fur babies, who are a LOT less work than my real ones….  unless…

do you think my kids would brush their hair if I screwed a brush to the wall?  Hmmmm – that truly is tempting. lol

Have a great one!