Garden Bench Makeover


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a before and after hasn’t it?

It’s not for lack of doing them – I’ve painted a bathroom, a bedroom, a bench, a stool, a … but the makeovers are either not complete (waiting on blinds for my daughter’s bedroom makeover) or the after was done in the same colour as the before and the transformation wouldn’t be very dramatic in blog photos.

This garden bench makeover is fantastic though, so I had to share – along […]

Repurposed Dresser: Dresser, Toybox and Bookshelf in One!


*This is a post I wrote in June 2013 – one of my earlier blog posts.  When I moved my site from Blogger to WordPress a lot of my Pinterest links broke, so I’m attempting to update older posts with a few new photos and create new links on Pinterest.  If you were with me in June 2013, you may remember this – if not, I hope you enjoy!

I have several projects that I’m particularly proud […]

Stone Feature Wall – Details Renovations

January 6th, 2017|BEFORE & AFTER, DECOR|

I have friends named Sherri – yup plural friends but with the same name.

One Sherri is a brilliant contractor ( and can take any project from ‘meh’ to WOWZA!

The other Sherri has this incredible talent for interior design – even though that’s not her profession.

Together these two have knocked my socks off – more than once.

Case in point, this is Sherri’s dining room:

Stone feature wall, Details Renovations, dining room feature wall, faux stone [...]
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Christmas Wreath Makeover

November 27th, 2016|BEFORE & AFTER, HOLIDAYS|

So it’s the last Sunday in November, and Thanksgiving, for Canadians AND Americans, has now passed…

The official start to the Holiday Season is now!

wreath makeover, repairing your wreath, Christmas wreath fix, updating your wreath

But I can’t hang out this sorry, beat up, chipped, sun-faded wreath.  Especially since about half of the light strings don’t work.  What kind of blogger would I be with this eyesore welcoming Santa?

I had actually […]

Oak Dresser Makeover


I have another dresser makeover to share!

This one is a yellow oak, and part of a two-piece set, so you’ll be seeing the finished combo once I have them both delivered (and ahem- staged).

This dresser is about 24 years old;  I know, not ancient or antique, but a quality wood piece that the owner (Kari) wanted to keep for both nostalgia and longevity.

She just didn’t want to keep it in this state:

dresser makeover, oak [...]
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Coffee Table with Storage


When the girls were younger (pre-iPad younger) we had toys everywhere.

There wasn’t a surface that didn’t have something of theirs on it, and the house was in a constant state of ‘post-tornado’.

My Dad was looking to get us a Christmas gift one year and I begged him to buy us a coffee table with storage in it so I could quickly hide away some of the mess should someone stop by.

He did, and this baby saw a LOT of use:

Pine Table Makeover


Are you sick of makeovers?

Of course not!

Everyone wants to see trash turned into treasure right?  It inspires us as to what is possible – even on a small budget.

I wouldn’t say this pine table/desk was trash exactly:

table makeover, refinished table, painted table, desk makeover, painted desk, refinished desk, pine table , gray table, grey table

but it had a few nicks and dents here and there that needed a little TLC.

Oak Cabinet Makeover


How was your weekend?

We had AMAZING weather here all weekend – which is strange because last week we saw frost in the mornings.  This global warming thing is playing havoc with our seasons (but this weekend it was to our advantage).

I spent almost every minute of the last three days in my workshop (aka the garage), working on projects for clients and friends.

One of which was this oak cabinet:

Cabinet makeover, sideboard makeover, painting oak [...]
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Basement Makeover

August 12th, 2016|BEFORE & AFTER, DECOR, HOME TOUR|

Do you have a room (or more) in your house that is under-utilized?  Something you’ve set up for a certain function, but then never gets used at all?

That’s my basement.

Before Chloe was born I insisted that Hubby finish our basement.  I was adamant that we needed a playroom for the girls toys, and that it would keep the majority of the mess off of the main floor.  He re-did most of it himself, to the tune of about $16,000 and […]

How to add a shelf to furniture


Tag:  How to add a shelf to furniture, adding a shelf to furniture, replace a drawer with a shelf, nightstand makeover, two-tone nightstand, grey nightstand

One of my favourite upgrades to a piece of furniture is replacing drawers with shelves.  If you add a shelf to furniture it creates an entirely new look, with new function and is a really easy DIY to implement.

Today I’ll show you how I updated a nightstand for a client;

How [...]
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