Join me as I delve into the world of desk makeovers – where ordinary desks become extraordinary, and the mundane transforms into the extraordinary. Get ready to unleash your creativity, infuse your personality into your workspace, and witness the power of a well-designed desk in elevating your work experience.

I was sorting through my old posts the other day, trying to bring some older content forward on social media and I did a search for the word “desk”.

I know I’ve done a lot of refinishing over the years, but I was surprised at just how many desks I’ve tackled!

I love building and organizing, but this really gave me the itch to take on another desk makeover in the near future.  For now, check out this desk compilation and see if you don’t get inspired too!

This is the desk I currently use in my home office.  I loved it for the column legs and lion’s feet,

antique desk makeover - before

but it came with a LOT of damage:

antique desk makeover - before

The top was absolutely destroyed and the veneer wasn’t saveable, so I ended up having to replace the surface altogether.

I think you’ll agree it was worth it in the end:

antique desk makeover, refinishing an antique desk

This desk I picked up strictly for the hardware.  Pulls like these are very expensive, so even if I wasn’t able to complete a decent makeover, it would have been worth buying for the hardware alone.  Fortunately, it turned to be a two-toned beauty that sold right away.

Desk makeover, gray desk, two tone desk, grey desk, antique desk, refinished desk, painted deskThis antique secretary desk wasn’t in horrible shape; no water damage or deep gouges that couldn’t be sanded out.  I managed to keep the integrity of the antique, while still giving it a brand new finish.

Antique secretary desk, refinished secretary, refinishing antiques, before & after secretaryThis was a tiny student desk that a friend wanted updated for her son’s bedroom.  A new colour (hale navy) and new hardware made this adult piece into a more boy-friendly piece.

Navy blue desk, desk makeover, refinished desk, student desk, kids desk, painted deskThis was my grandmother’s typewriter desk (complete with typewriter).  It was stored in a garage for years until I finally decided a desk makeover was in order.

Antique typewriter desk, vintage typewriter desk, refinished typewriter desk

typewriter desk, desk makeover

Every nook and cranny was sanded, stained and sealed.

Antique typewriter desk, vintage typewriter desk, refinished typewriter desk

Antique typewriter desk, vintage typewriter desk, refinished typewriter desk

A friend of mine was going through a messy divorce so I wanted to do something to help make their new home a warm and welcoming place for their kids.  Desks are fun at any age right?  Stocking up all of your craft supplies and having a workspace of your own? This peekaboo desk makeover was intended to stand the test of time, but still add a bit of whimsy to a child’s room.

Desk makeover, girl's desk, white desk, peekaboo desk

Desk makeover, girl's desk, white desk, peekaboo desk

This black desk had a plastic veneer on the top – which is actually brilliant if you have creative kids.  In this case though, it was unsellable as-was, so I did a desk makeover from black to… a better black. lol

desk before, black desk, teacher's desk

Even the drawer pulls were stripped down and polished up to give them an updated look.

desk makeover, black desk makeover, teacher's desk makeover, black desk, oak desk, black desk

This desk makeover was fun!  The child chose the colour (as you’ll see) and I got to try doing a crayon melt in the desktop.

desk makeover - before

melted crayon desk


Chris (often featured on the blog) LOVES epoxy, and while this isn’t really a desk makeover per se, it is a pallet wood makeover into a desk.

Pallet wood desk, barn board desk

This pine table was refinished to a warm grey and served as a craft desk for the kids when they were small, and later as a giant desk surface in my husband’s office.  (He needed the space)

table makeover, refinished table, painted table, desk makeover, painted desk, refinished desk, pine table , gray table, grey table

Below you’ll see an old door with many, MANY layers of paint that we ended up turning into a desk.

using paint stripper on an old door

With a lot of elbow grease, some industrial pipe legs and a sheet of glass for the work surface, this door became a gorgeous rustic-industrial desk.

I’ll close out my desk makeover post with an oldie, but a goodie – a $10 desk that I had mirrors applied to:

mirrored desk


The blog post on the mirroring process was from way back in 2013 – and unfortunately I’ve lost most of my blog content from 2013 to 2016.  Hopefully the photo above gives you enough to work with to show you a possibility for a desk makeover that you many not have thought of before.

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