Want to bring colour to your bedroom, but without making the walls feel “heavy”?  What about a navy bedroom set to bring sophistication and tradition together in a bold, but neutral palette?

It’s funny, but since I graduated cabinetmaking school, I’ve been inundated with requests to refinish furniture?

A couple of orders to make furniture, but the majority of my business of late has been in painting existing furniture.  I don’t mind, I LOVE painting, and a good before and after gives me the “happies”, but I could have saved a LOT of money on unnecessary tuition. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Regardless, it gave me the opportunity to come up with the collapsible paint booth from the other day and test out a few finishes I wouldn’t have otherwise tried – like the matte black and matte clear coat from this dining set.

For this makeover, I was using a colour I was familiar with – Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy – a favourite of mine as you can see in my home office from last year.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

DIY home office built-ins, DIY office shelving, hale navy bookshelves, hale navy built-ins


my friend Jen brought me a bedroom set that was in perfect condition…

cherry tallboy dresser


No scratches, scuffs, dents, stains – nothing.

cherry night stands

I’m all for painting or refinishing furniture that has seen better days, but it broke my heart a little to refinish something that was so perfect.

I looked on Houzz and Pinterest to find inspiration to take these from great to better.

image courtesy of Houzz

Okay, I’m getting the concept.

Navy can go in both warm and cool-toned rooms, and these pieces are gorgeous.

I’m seeing your vision now Jen.

I won’t show every step on every single piece I refinished, but they all went through the same process;

rough sand and clean with SamaN TSP

sanded tallboy

Fill all of the hardware holes with DAP wood filler.

use wood filler to fill hardware holes

I always do at least two coats of wood filler, so sand once the first one is dry and then apply a second – this will cover any areas of the filler that shrunk on drying.

use wood filler to fill hardware holes

Prime each piece and all of the parts, then lightly sand with 320 grit sandpaper.

Cover and protect any areas that you don’t want to get paint on – like the insides of drawers.

DIY collapsible paint booth, DIY paint tent

Then test out your new spray tent and paint sprayer.

spray painting bedroom furniture

I applied coats of Benjamin Moore’s Advance formula paint, with at least 16 hours of dry time in between coats, and a light sanding where needed.

navy headboard

Jen gave me a tallboy, bed with headboard, footboard and frame, 2 nightstands, and a dresser.  My new paint tent was able to accommodate everything except for the bed for spraying and drying.  I LOVE that thing!

Each piece was adorned with new hardware:

Navy bedroom set, navy bedroom furniture


Navy bedroom set, navy bedroom furniture


Hale Navy is a beautiful colour; a sophisticated but traditional blue, but it does have ‘hues’.  If you decide to makeover your furniture to a navy bedroom set, then keep these lighting situations in mind:

(I’ve left the hale navy colour bar on the top of each photo so you can see how it varies from the paint chip)

It’s only in the ambient lighting that it’s true to what you see on the colour card.

Here are a couple of pieces of the navy bedroom set in the late afternoon sun:

Navy bedroom set, navy bedroom furniture

It’s stunning no matter the lighting, but something to keep in mind before you go to the effort of making your own navy bedroom set.

Navy bedroom set, navy bedroom furniture


Unfortunately Jen hasn’t moved into her new home yet, so I don’t have any photos with the navy bedroom set in its space, but hopefully she’ll update us once she’s settled in.

Navy bedroom set, navy bedroom furniture

More paint projects to come, but I need a “building fix” first.

Have a great one!