Plywood coasters

Using scrap bits of ¾” ply I was able to whip up these gorgeous plywood coasters (that you’d never guess were just scrap ply).

As with everything I do, I learn something new and then hope to pass along any tips and tricks I’ve figured out along the way.

Today is no different.

Today I’m going to show you the most AWESOME plywood coasters (most awesome coasters of any kind, anywhere) you’ve ever seen – BUT I’ll also give you the tips I […]

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How to make a simple blanket rack / quilt rack

Keep your warm and cozy blankets close by, but neatly organized, by whipping up this simple blanket rack / quilt rack using just 6 pieces of wood and a few screws.

Hello my beautiful friends!

It is absolutely freezing her in SW Ontario with a -26°C windchill today.  Yes, I know you prairie-dwellers get much colder than this, but my blood hasn’t thickened to your hardiness so I am freezing my kibibis off (I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to […]

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Half-round side table

I took an old, grungy kitchen table and turned it into this gorgeous half round side table / demilune table for about $30.

What is a half round table called?  I went with “half-round table” hoping that’s what the majority of people looking for something like this might call it, but the ‘official’ name is Demilune table.  (aka half moon tables).

I’m going to call it the $1 half round because that’s where it all began – with an old, very crappy, […]

Wall-height wine rack / wine display

Are you a wine lover?  Do you have a collection of bottles that are too pretty to hide away in a cupboard?  This wall-height wine rack / wine display is an easy build using 2×2’s and will showcase 18 bottles.

Good morning everyone! 

Hope you are snuggled in with a hot tea/coffee/cocoa enjoying this last quiet weekend before the Holiday mayhem?
I love Christmas – so much so that my daughter’s middle name is Noelle – but I only really love it from […]

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How to make a wood star / wooden star

I have wanted a wood star (or is it wooden star?) ever since I first came across them on Pinterest.  I tried making one years ago but, as is typical with me, the angles won the battle and I ended up with a shit show of pieces that would not fit together to make a star (and trust me I tried).

wood star, wooden star, scrap wood star

An angle was wrong, or a […]

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How to make a super-simple belt rack

If you have more than one belt, then you need this simple belt rack in your life. One piece of wood and a coping saw are all you need.

I have the best post in the world today!

Well, the cure for cancer or the solution to world hunger would be better – but I’m pretty stoked about this super-simple idea and even happier about how well it works!!

I broke my belt hanger about a month ago; it was a plastic circle […]

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Scrap wood smartphone speaker

Looking for a handmade gift that you can whip out multiples of? This DIY scrap wood smartphone speaker is easy to make, can be painted to match any decor and TOTALLY WORKS!

Christmas is on a pretty tight budget for me this year.  Heading back to school has limited the amount of time I can allot to the blog and so my income seems be be more on the outgo end of things. 😂

Fortunately I write a DIY blog, so […]

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