Building a gate – simple, sturdy, inexpensive gate DIY

Building a gate; pretty, sturdy, inexpensive and a simple DIY project that can be done for about $100 and 2 hours of your time. I know, all I write about are my doggos anymore.  I’m sorry?  But they take up so much of my life (and heart), that the projects to protect, repair, clean and […]

Build a BIG dog crate – for multiple (big) dogs

big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

Got dogs? Got big ones? Got more than one big one?  Today I’m sharing free building plans and cut list for a BIG dog crate that will easily house 3 large dogs.  Cut layout and DIY costs included! Hey there, fellow dog lovers! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your canine companions […]

Bird feeder for small birds

bird feeder for small birds, tree bird feeder

A beautiful addition to your garden, this bird feeder has been built with smaller dimensions to deter larger birds. Made from a 1×10, you too can build your own tree bird feeder for small birds in an afternoon. The title of this might be a misnomer, small birds can really use any bird feeder at […]

The Barkitect’s Guide to Building the Ultimate Dog Toy Box

dog toy box, dog toybox

Hey there, fellow paw-ssionate pet parents and four-legged fanatics! Today, we’re embarking on a tail-wagging adventure as we delve into the world of DIY doggy delights. Grab your glue guns, dust off your saws, and let’s build a dog toy box that even the most discerning canine critics would give two paws up! The Pawesome […]

Make your own Christmas Village tree!

DIY Christmas Village tree

There’s something about a miniature Christmas village all lit up.  Maybe it’s a fantasy world we all dream of, maybe it’s how we imagine Christmas should be? The only problem is that as your little town grows, so does the space needed to display it all… until now. A friend recently asked if I could […]

My DIY Pantry Makeover

DIY Pantry makeover

Tired of organizing, re-organizing, packaging, containerizing and re-containerizing your pantry?  I was, and I did all of those things – several times – over the years.  I finally bit the bullet and decided I was going to DIY a pantry makeover that *should keep things neat and organized from now on. If video is your […]