Make your own pet food stand

Instead of spending a ton of money buying a raised pet feeder, make your own pet food stand with a few pieces of scrap wood!

Most of the projects on this blog stem from a problem.

Most times the problem is that I’m too broke to purchase the items I want lol.

The problem I needed to solve for today’s post however, was small, grey, and a thank-goodness-she’s-cute-handful…
Miss Luna.

In particular, it’s Miss Luna’s proclivity to getting into Lacey’s water dish and splashing it […]

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Wooden Christmas Trees

All you need to create these festive and rustic wooden Christmas trees is some scrap wood and a jig saw!

I was at HomeSense the other week – which is my SAHMom version of a luxury vacation – and I was snapping photos here and there of projects that I wanted to buy, but knew I could make for a fraction of the price (even though HomeSense really does have great prices).

One item caught my eye in particular; a wooden Christmas […]

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Low bookcase for my staircase landing

Build this long, low bookcase in a day and use it as a room divider, to sit under a window or as extra storage on your staircase landing.

Good morning!

I’m working with Jen Woodhouse again (woot, woot!), where she draws up amazing plans and I do my best to execute them.  This month we’re collaborating on a low bookcase.

I had my local home improvement store cut my ¾” plywood to width to make it easier to carry home – […]

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One day board and batten

Create a gorgeous accent wall of board and batten in just one day – paint and all!

I’ve been working on a board and batten accent wall in my master bedroom this week, and the entire build – from purchasing the wood to the second coat of paint was all done in ONE DAY.

Seriously – we started Monday morning at 10am and I had finished up the second coat by 8pm (keep in mind a lot of that was drying time […]

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Wall-mounted plate rack

Short on cupboard space or just looking to display your servers and cutting boards?  Build this simple wall-mounted plate rack (with drawer) to organize and decorate in one!

I’m working with my super-hero Jen Woodhouse today on the building plans for this gorgeous (and functional) wall-mounted plate rack.

Think plate racks are just for Grandmas (that’s what my Hubby said when I told him I was going to build one) – not so my friends.  Sure you can decorate it with […]

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Industrial Pipe Valet

Who would have thought that industrial pipe and plywood could create a stunning piece of decor for your home?  This industrial pipe men’s valet / coat rack is urban, rustic, steam punk and functional all in one!

I was over helping my friend Sherri out the other day and I noticed this impressive industrial pipe valet she had built.

Industrial pipe valet, industrial pipe coat rack

It is spectacular!  Truly – I’m not […]

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Scrap Wood Coin Bank

Who says Piggy Banks are only for kids?  I’d say, as adults, there are far more items on our wish lists that are just a skinch out of reach than there ever were when we were kids.  Make your own scrap wood coin bank and get a little closer to your dream with every dollar.

I’ve got an easy project for you today.  One that you can whip out in an hour – but it does take a bit of confidence […]

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Outdoor Bench (perfect for Amazon deliveries)

Using free building plans from Jen Woodhouse, I was able to DIY an outdoor storage bench perfect for hiding Amazon deliveries.

Have you seen Jen Woodhouse’s outdoor storage bench?  It’s gorgeous (of course) and a necessity (I feel) for anyone and everyone that receives packages in the mail.

And who doesn’t?

Every company on the planet seems to be offering online shopping and delivery options to keep us introverts out of the mall and in our happy-pajamas.  There are however, a rare […]

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Tooth Fairy Box

Using two pieces of scrap wood, I was able to create this adorable Tooth Fairy box to keep baby’s first teeth.

My girls are too old for the Tooth Fairy.  They won’t admit it because they still want the cash (and they are still losing molars), but even my 10-year-old gives me a skeptical look when she finds money under her pillow.

I’m not telling them anything.  If they’re willing to humour Mom, I’m totally willing to accept it.

I will admit that […]

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Pottery Barn Inspired Wall Organizer

Build your own Pottery-Barn-Inspired wall organizer with these free and easy plans.

Good morning my lovelies,

If you follow me on Instagram, then you would have had a sneak-peek at today’s AWESOME build – a Pottery Barn inspired wall organizer with free plans from the amazing Jen Woodhouse!

Yup, I only work with the best (to give you the best!)

I sent Jen a photo of a wall organizer I’d seen at the Pottery Barn outlet a few months ago.  She was able […]

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Build a Laundry Folding Table Over Your Washer and Dryer

Use these simple building plans to build your own folding table over your washer and dryer.

The other day you caught a sneak-peek at my new folding table in my unfinished laundry room.  I know, I know, I’ve built a laundry dresser/folding table before, but the thing was a beast and it blocked the doorway into the room, so it had to go.

This time I measured for a free-standing folding table (meaning you don’t have to attach it to […]

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Simple Cedar Tray

I always scramble come end-of-year when I need to come up with gift ideas for teachers and coaches.  I know that apples, pencils and worm paraphernalia are cute, but I think I’m correct in assuming if you’ve taught for more than one year, you probably have a cupboard full already.  I tried to come up with ideas of things I might use day-to-day and ended up landing on this simple cedar tray.

DIY serving tray, [...]
</p srcset=

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I made a ping-pong table!

Good morning and Happy Canada Day!

This hot weather has me melting, but given the winter we just came out of, I hate to spend much time indoors.  I havemy patio all set up with a fan moving the air constantly, the Intex pool nearby and a FOLDING PING-PONG TABLE on the patio.

DIY ping pong table, ping pong table, folding ping pong table, backyard fun, backyard games

Yup, I built my own […]

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Patio Coffee Table

I’m so excited about today’s patio coffee table build!  I’ve been dying to try making a round table, but all of the videos I’d seen online showed people cutting them with plunge routers.  If you saw my #scrapwoodchallenge can crusher the other day, then you know that my expertise with a router is non-existent.


The other night we had friends over for backyard barbecue and the cedar patio table I made a couple of years ago – while perfectly functional […]

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Scrap Wood Challenge – DIY Can Crusher

Good morning!

If you are a new reader, WELCOME – and if you are a regular here then WAZZZZAAAAP!  Today I am part of a scrap wood challenge with some of the biggest and best names in DIY blogging!  I totally don’t fit in, but am nonetheless thrilled to be participating.  The parameters for the challenge were to only use scrap wood that you had in your workshop – no new wood.  Beyond that, go wild!

If you have followed along with […]

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One-Man Ping-Pong

We have had so much fun with our one-man ping-pong that I had to share the build so you could have fun with your family as well.

First off I want to say that I am the reigning champion of mini ping-pong / one-man ping-pong.  I only built our game last Monday, so I’m sure I’ll blow my record out of the water as I practice, but the family scores are currently:

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Wood Book Rest / Wood Bookmark

Are you ready to get your summer reading on?

In my world, there is nothing better than parking yourself on the patio with a tea (hot or iced) and a good book while the kids run rampant in the yard.  It doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like, but those few stolen moments on weekends are my bliss.

I came across an ingenious book rest / wood bookmark on Pinterest and couldn’t resist – I had to have one for myself.

This […]

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Championship Beer Pong (with or without beer)

We went over to our dear friends’ house the other night and I was (very belatedly) introduced to beer pong.  Why have I never played this before?  I went to College (and University) and I don’t remember missing any parties when I was there – but the wonder that is beer pong was never introduced into my competitive drinking sport repertoire?

Have you played it before?  Am I the only one on the planet that hadn’t?

We played it with the kids […]

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