Scrap wood trees

If you have scrap wood, even in lengths less than 11″, you can whip out these easy and beautiful scrap wood Christmas trees. Measurements for 3 sizes on the blog.

I’m part of a Facebook group called “Women in Woodworking” and today’s project was one that someone shared on that page.  I wouldn’t steal thunder, but the building plans that were posted didn’t work – the measurements were out somewhere – so I finagled a bit and came up with a […]

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DIY dog crate for large breed dogs

Dog crates can be expensive and/or ugly. Build your own DIY dog kennel to suit your decor and size/breed of dog.

As you know, we adopted a puppy in April – Bentley, the most gorgeous puppy in the universe!

Granted a proud Mama, but he is spectacularly adorable.

The only thing with Bentley is that he is growing – A LOT.  At 5 months old he is already 45lbs (20kg) and seems to be on-track to be about 100lbs (45kg) as an adult.

No […]

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Build your own modern outdoor chair

Would you believe this modern outdoor chair is the first chair I’ve ever built? With building plans from Fix This, Build That, you can make your own for outdoor, office or even family room!

Hello sweet friends!

I have been brain-swamped of late – that’s where there is so much going on in your head you don’t have time for real life.

My kids finished school – both honours students (I’m a proud Mama), I finished trade school for cabinetmaking (honours student), I’ve […]

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Make your own modern bird feeder

This modern bird feeder uses up small bits of scrap wood, but takes a bit of time to get the symmetry correct.  These free building plans will take some of the guesswork out and have you feeding the birds in style!

One of my favourite things to do is to find something online and then try to build a version of it myself.

This modern bird feeder is one of those projects – and while my prototype isn’t perfect – the […]

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Fluted shoe cabinet – overcoming my fear of routers

This easy and inexpensive shoe cabinet can be built in a matter of hours, and out of low-cost MDF.  Stop with a simple build, or do what I did and take your router skills from zero to hero by adding fluting!

Well, I finished up cabinetmaking school last week and am officially a graduate!

Which is interesting seeing as I never made a single kitchen cabinet from start to finish?  

I think the program should have been called furniture making, since that’s […]

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Propane tank table / propane tank cover

I wasn’t sure what to call this post so that the most people possible would be able to find it in a search to hideaway their propane tanks – usually used for fire pits.

It’s a propane tank cover – yes – but better still, it’s a usable surface to put drinks on while the eyesore is tucked away.

So propane tank table?

Alternatively, you could build it as a side table for indoors or out, and just leave the tank out of […]

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Updating my outdoor coffee table

Update your patio set by whipping up a new tabletop for your existing furniture.  Today I’m sharing plans to both build your own outdoor coffee table, and/or just replace an existing one with a new wood top! 

Do you have patio furniture that has seen better days?

Have you ever thought about updating it instead of buying new?

I built this patio coffee table back in June 2018 – out of scrap bits of wood I had in my garage – and I […]

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