Four board console table

Four boards, 12 screws and a bit of wood glue to this gorgeous DIY console table / DIY sofa table / DIY entryway table – inspiration pieces are selling for over $1,600 US!

I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for hours – literally HOURS!

My F*&%ing iMac is working at a snail’s pace again and my photos are all locked up.  I only bought this computer in 2019 (although it is a 2017 model – I don’t know how that […]

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Desk organizer lazy susan

January always brings on the urge to de-clutter and organize.  This cute desk organizer lazy susan was the perfect start to getting my desk in order and it’s a simple build made entirely with scrap wood!

Good morning my friends!

Happy 2021 (I hope) – or at the very least – Happy fresh start!

It’s a new year – with vaccines a reality!!  

I’ve also consumed just about all of the Holiday treats in my fridge, so just having those gone will constitute […]

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Toddler room idea – bear shelf and stool

Make this simple bear shelf and bear chair and create a sweet reading nook for the toddler in your life.

I don’t have a toddler (sniff, sniff) but I do have a friend with a new baby which was excuse enough to create a couple of little decor pieces for his bedroom.

Yeah, I’m pushy – decorating someone else’s child’s bedroom. lol

I’ve actually had both the bear shelf and the bear stool completed for months now, so I’ll share the project, but […]

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Compound mitre trays for Dummies

If angles and bevels get you all flustered and frustrated, fear no more! I have an almost fool-proof method for making compound mitre trays!  Hint: there is almost no thinking involved!

There has been one project that I have wanted to do for YEARS, but just couldn’t get my head around it.

I watched the YouTube videos, I checked out building plans, but I still just couldn’t put together how to make one…

A compound mitre tray.

In english?  A tray that has mitred […]

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Slatted plant stand for a bay window

Do you have a bay window?  One that lets in lots of natural light, but is impossible to fit a piece of furniture in?  Today I’m showing how I made a slatted plant stand to take advantage of the light without taking up much space.

My Aunt has a green thumb.

It’s kind of irritating really, because I TRY. SO. HARD. to keep indoor plants alive.

I water, I fertilize, I place them near windows – and so far I’ve all-but-killed 3 in […]

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Simple scrap wood armrest table

Nothing says love like a handmade gift.  This simple scrap wood armrest table takes almost no time to make, is beautiful and functional and costs next to nothing… except for the love you put into making it.

I’ve been thinking about the Holidays this year, and while my family is fortunate and I have been employed throughout this Covid mess, there are far too many that haven’t been and/or are not.

Which means that money is tight for most of us, but […]

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Make a lap desk by bending wood

Whether you’re dreaming of breakfast in bed, or need a surface for your WFH job, today I’m testing out how to make a lap desk by bending wood.  One board and a bit of care to your own DIY lap desk.

Does the idea of lounging in bed on a Sunday morning, toes tucked under the blankets, hot coffee/tea within reach and a good book or iPad at hand for a long and lazy morning sound appealing?

True, for most of us […]

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