One-Man Ping-Pong

We have had so much fun with our one-man ping-pong that I had to share the build so you could have fun with your family as well.

First off I want to say that I am the reigning champion of mini ping-pong / one-man ping-pong.  I only built our game last Monday, so I’m sure I’ll blow my record out of the water as I practice, but the family scores are currently:

  • Amazingly-Awesome wife and mother: 50
  • Apple that fell from […]
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Wood Book Rest / Wood Bookmark

Are you ready to get your summer reading on?

In my world, there is nothing better than parking yourself on the patio with a tea (hot or iced) and a good book while the kids run rampant in the yard.  It doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like, but those few stolen moments on weekends are my bliss.

I came across an ingenious book rest / wood bookmark on Pinterest and couldn’t resist – I had to have one for myself.

This […]

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Championship Beer Pong (with or without beer)

We went over to our dear friends’ house the other night and I was (very belatedly) introduced to beer pong.  Why have I never played this before?  I went to College (and University) and I don’t remember missing any parties when I was there – but the wonder that is beer pong was never introduced into my competitive drinking sport repertoire?

Have you played it before?  Am I the only one on the planet that hadn’t?

We played it with the kids […]

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Building plans for a table saw stand

The other day I told you how my old Craftsman table saw died mid-project and I had to fork out the big buckers for a new table saw.

Well…  as it turns out, table saws (with a table attached) are almost twice the price of “job site” table saws (those with no table attached).  We’re talking a $429 portable job site table saw versus a $799 one with a stand.  That’s hefty for what is basically the same saw.

I did a […]

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DIY Garden Gate – ever wonder what goes into a blog post?

I’m showcasing building plans for a gorgeous tongue-and-groove DIY garden gate over on, but I wanted to share with you the behind-the-scenes work that really goes into a blog post like this.

It’s more than just the build – WAAAAAAAAY more.

First, for me anyways, I need a project that I need/want to do.  No point building a headboard if you already have 5  in the house right?  My most recent “need” was a new garden gate.

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Building plans for a raised planter

What have you been up to on this gorgeous Memorial Day Monday?

I’ve been working my heinie off and today I’m going to share my building plans for this DIY raised planter.

I found several raised planters on Pinterest but they were either too low, not long enough or didn’t come with building plans, so I improvised my own from a photo I’d seen from A Lo and Behold Life.

DIY Raised Planter (on wheels)

Overall measurements – 60″ wide, 24″ deep, 38 […]

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Central Vac Hose Reel

I wasn’t going to post this article, it’s just TOO simple. The fact that I haven’t thought of it before today certainly ranks as one of my bigger “Duh!” moments, so there’s also the embarrassment factor.

BUT, since I hadn’t thought of it in 13 years of living in our home, perhaps there are others out there that haven’t either?  Tell me I’m not alone folks, I’m not the sharpest knife the drawer, but I hate to think I’m the dullest.

Up […]

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Shaped cutting board

One of my favourite things to do is come up with ideas to use up scrap wood.  I think it’s fair to say I spend more time creating with scrap wood than I do building the large pieces that generate all the scrap wood.   Today’s shaped cutting board is another scrap wood project that is easily made (but no one will guess it) and a great gift idea for Moms, teachers, coaches or as a hostess gift.

*This post contains […]

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Rustic Industrial Side Table

Today’s post is a two-bee; on 100Things2Do I’m sharing building plans for three versions of a rustic industrial side table and on The House of Wood, I’m sharing the building plans for the rustic industrial coffee table to match!

The inspiration for both of these tables came from Restoration Hardware.

Restoration Hardware Torano square side table

That’s $1,195 folks.

The coffee table (plans over on Jen’s blog) came in at over $3,000!

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Wood Art Challenge – Birdhouse Collage

I was invited to take part in a Wood Art Challenge with some of the biggest names in DIY blogging and I am psyched!  This morning will be the first time seeing what the other influencers have come up with so I’m just as excited to check out everyone’s creativity as you are!

If you DIY anything, then you will end up with scrap pieces.  Scrap fabric, paper, and in my case […]

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Scrap wood projects – Owls

I must be the Queen of scrap wood projects.  I don’t even know how I accumulate so much scrap wood, other than the fact that I hate to throw anything into the landfill – even if it is a 6″ scrap of 2″ x 2″.  For today’s simple scrap wood project I dug through my pile and came out with two bits of 4″ x 4″ pressure treated post – just perfect for making scrap wood owls!

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DIY Cat Tree

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will know that we’ve had a new addition to our family – Baby Luna Grayce – an 8 week old kitten that has stolen all of our hearts.

The thing about new kittens though is that they have these spurts of energy that usually result in some kind of damage; climbing curtains, falling between the stair rails, tipped plants and scratching.  Oh my God the […]

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DIY side table / small bookshelf

As you may (or may not) know, I am a guest contributor over on the amazing, incredible, brilliant blog House of Wood.  Over the past few months, I have shared a few builds that you would not have seen on 100Things2Do like a super-sized shoe rack, a DIY upholstered ottoman, and this week’s awesome DIY; a mid-century-modern style DIY side table / mini-bookshelf.

I won’t share the full building plans here, but I can give you a […]

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Simple Step Stool

Good morning sunshine(s)!

The sun is out, I saw a robin last week and even though the grass is still a dead-brown colour and the temperatures are barely above 0°, I’ve been working in my she-shop with the garage doors open!!

Wahoo!  (I’ve been freezing my kibibees off, but just being able to open the doors to let some sunlight in has given me a shot of Vitamin D happiness!)

I have some pretty big projects coming to the blog in April (like […]

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Yoga Mat Storage / Treadmill table

I’m in the midst of a home gym makeover for my parents and in doing so I noticed that they were missing an essential piece of “equipment”…  something for yoga mat storage and/or a treadmill table.

No, they aren’t yogi’s, but they do “enjoy” walking on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike, so even without yoga mat storage they still needed a treadmill-height table to rest their drinks and sweaty towels on.  Adding rungs for barbells, foam rollers and/or yoga […]

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DIY Pet Ramp

Have an aging pet?  Nothing is as difficult as watching them struggle to do activities they could easily have done in their youth (true of us all really). Your heart breaks a little to see the arthritis set it, maybe their hips are aching or their coördination is a little off and snuggle time on the bed or couch becomes difficult.  This DIY pet ramp will help your little fur-baby to reach higher areas without strain from jumping up or […]

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Pallet Potting Bench

In my part of Ontario the rule is not to plant until after Victoria Day weekend.
(nicknamed “May two-four” – since people usually drink 24 beers on the long weekend).

With this up-and-down winter we’re having, the Spring weather had me thinking of planting.  Don’t worry, I know we’ll get at least 3 more ‘good’ […]

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DIY Round tray from a concrete form

Hey 100T2D readers!  I’ve got a GREAT project for you today, and a sneak peek at another great project that I’m showcasing over on House of Wood later this week:  I figured out how to make a DIY round tray from a concrete form!!!

I’m so excited because I’ve racked my brain for months to figure out how to build/make a round tray without wasting a lot of wood, involving a router or creating pretty elaborate jig – and today […]

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